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Conga Support

Major Release: July 6, 2016

What's new in Composer

  • Upgrade Composer's Salesforce connection to their latest API version (SF API v37)
    • Upgraded from v29 to v37 so all new features available in Salesforce are now available in Composer.
    • New objects in Salesforce can now be pulled into Composer documents.
    • New feature in Summer allows you to relate a contact to multiple accounts (see Salesforce documentation for more information).
  • New support for Salesforce Files as a Template with Activity Logging
    • Content has been rebranded as Files and a new UI is available.
    • This is a new feature allowing you to save any document as a file vs. only as an attachment.
    • Imagine it like Google drive, you can now search all of your files (documents) vs. trying to find a document in a specific opportunity.
  • Watermark in a PDF Template
  • Implemented a Content Delivery Network
    • Improves the speed and performance of front-end services globally across Composer product line
  • Conga Batch UI - Disable the Setup button for non-admin users
  • Sertifi Integration Enhancement: Pass-through Parameter Method
    • We now have a pass through option for all Sertifi parameters.
  • DocuSign Integration Enhancements
    • Sign Now with "In person Signing“ – mobile option to sign in person
    • QuickAdd Recipient.
    • Define by name and email address. A recipient no longer has to be associated with a Salesforce ContractID.
    • New value for the DocuSign Endpoint parameter: EU
    • DocuSign Enhancement: SigningGroup

What's new in Courier

  • Migrated to AWS servers.
    • An investment we made on behalf of our customers for a more stable, faster, scalable environment.
  • New search bar in the Select Reports UI.
    • We now only load the reports you ask for saving APIs.
  • Gathering reports from the Salesforce API efficiently, saving customer Orgs thousands of API calls.
  • Note on Courier Stability: we recognize that there was a disruption in Courier service that our customers experienced in June. Below is what caused the event:
    • Salesforce disabled a servlet that allowed Courier report access in their latest release.  This was done to a number of servlet’s as part of increased security from Salesforce that disabled access to Courier reporting.  We have now resolved and whitelisted the Courier application allowing us to pull APIs at the application level vs. through APIs allowing access customers did not have access to before.

Conga Grid New Features

  • Reworked "Save" and "Save View"
  • Simplified the toolbar with drop downs to make it easier for customers to create individualized views.
  • Added column settings to provide customized views.
  • Added wizard option to insert Visualforce pages into page layout
  • By running the wizard the VF page automatically loads at the Salesforce object page layout. 
  • Added a wizard to Convert List Views to Conga Grid Views.
    • Saves time by converting existing lists into the Conga Grid view by running the wizard.
  • Shift-Enter will move up a row in the grid.
  • Email template / Compose feature. If you’re on an object that has an email address field you can now send emails using Conga Grid.
    • Emails are not logged in the activities and are not sent through Composer.

Conga Grid Bug Fixes

  • Conga Grid Setup - Users are not being displayed.
  • Hitting Save when a cell has been edited (but not yet dirty) would cause that data not to be saved.
  • Expand all and collapse all should save with the Save button.
  • Clone Window does not Resize when invoked in Related List Conga Grid.
  • Unable to click Action button on mobile devices.
  • Grid Doesn't Show Zeros for Percentage Fields.
  • Reading Pane "+" Tab can still be seen when Configure is disabled in Settings.
  • Verify/ensure Conga Grid checks feature security for keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed issue where Send Email / Compose / Salesforce emails are is not logged in Activity History.
  • Page Buttons Overlapping on Mac (Safari/Chrome).
  • Fixed issue where phone numbers don't format when editing/adding in place.
  • Firefox - Actions Menu Font Size Issue.
  • Reading Pane - Switching between orientations can cause Reading Pane to stop working.
  • Filter Logic - Windows scrolls to the bottom of the grid.
  • Scrolling issues on mobile browsers.
  • Date Filter - Filter logic needs to apply formatting to dates.
  • Child Grid tab selection not retained on Reading Pane in Saved Views.
  • Conga Grid rows could have column data shifted due to a bug with Conditional Formatting on a Grouped Column.