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Contracts Release 1.58 - December 7, 2017



New Features and Enhancements

  • You can select another region on the Setup page. Conga Contracts databases can be enabled for the European Union (EU) locale. For more information see, Connecting Contracts to EU databases.
  • Contracts excludes images from the Compare process to avoid the images being displayed repeatedly as a Redline in the document.
  • After sending an email for negotiation, only the original file is saved in Salesforce.  The file with injected bookends is sent in the email. The second version of a file that includes injected bookends is not saved. The user sees the original version in the Redlining user interface.

Issues Resolved

  • Fields are suggested once when an email address is highlighted in the user interface.
  • You can include special character like a comma in the Email Display Text Template field in the Email From Display Name section on the Conga Contracts Setup tab and send a document for negotiation.
  • Right to left versus left to right selection of text gives similar results in the suggestion service. 
  • Field suggestions are correct when text is highlighted on a Contact object. 
  • Highlighting email address in documents returns suggestions. 
  • The offset field_text_start and field_text_end values are were updated.
  • Edit Latest functionality fails in Firefox. Clicking the Edit Latest button on the Redlining screen of a generated document no longer returns a "Microsoft Office was not detected" error in the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Deleted text is no longer appears in the Unknown Changes section of the tree. For CPQ documents, the redlined text appears once in the tree and is linked to the field related to that specific text.
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