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Conga Novatus Release Notes V7.2 – March 4, 2017

New Feature

  • Tickets CON-8513 - 8516 – Bulk Data Uploading.  Users with the new Bulk Data Upload Tool permission can simultaneously upload up to 10,000 companies, contracts, and dynamic forms to Novatus using an Excel template.  When the permission is granted, the Admin menu displays a Bulk Data Loader icon, which when selected, displays a screen where users can select a category of data (Company, Contract, or individual Dynamic Form), download an Excel template containing column headings that match all the fields in the Profile or Form, fill in the required information for each field, and then upload the completed template back to the Bulk Data Upload Tool screen. Users are then prompted to validate the mapping to ensure the field labels in the uploaded Excel spreadsheet exactly match the fields in the Profile or Form. Upon successful mapping, users can review the data that will be uploaded to the individual fields in the Company/Contract Profile or Dynamic Form, and then confirm the upload by selecting the Import Data button.   The Bulk Data Upload process is reversible to protect against any errors made during data capture and upload.


  • Tickets CON-8395 - 8399 – Document Type Permission Added to User Roles.  Administrators can now manage a user role’s ability to view, create, and modify the different types of documents they have added to Novatus Contracts via the individual Role Profile screens.  Existing roles can easily be updated by editing a Role Profile, clicking on the new Documents Types tab, and selecting the appropriate check boxes to control user access to the document types that have been added to Novatus.
  • Ticket CON-5424 – My Contracts Portlet Available in Dashboard.  Users can now add a My Contracts portlet to their Dashboard, allowing them to view and quickly link to the contracts for which they have been assigned a responsibility.  Users are assigned to a responsible role for a contract in the Responsibilities section of the Contract Profile.
  • Ticket CON-7935 – Analytics Reports Scheduled for Delivery.  An Analytics Report can now be scheduled for delivery to individual users or a distribution list by clicking on Reports Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Scheduled Reports in the Navigation Toolbar, and then clicking the New Scheduled Analytics Report button in the Scheduled Analytics Reports section of the screen.
  • Ticket CON-8194 – Ability to Run Search Query on All Contract Request Fields.  Users can now run a search query on the additional fields that capture information in the template they select when they create a contract request.  To view the additional fields available in your Novatus system, select Request as the Result Type in a search query, and for the criteria, select Request Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Company to display the additional company fields and Request Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Contract to display the additional contract fields.
  • Ticket CON-8230 – One Click Document Package Report.  A One Click Report button has been added to the Document Packages screen and the Document Packages portlet in the Dashboard, which when selected, provides users with a summary report on the document packages that have been added to the Contract Profile.
  • Ticket CON-8503 – Reporting on Single-Use Dynamic Forms Fields.  When an Administrator creates a Company, Contract, or Project dynamic form, and then designates the form as a single-use form, the fields in the form are now available as field selections in the Report Wizard.  For example, when a user runs a report and selects Contract as the Primary entity, the fields that can be added to the report now include the fields in any Contract Dynamic Form that has been designated as a single-use form.  A single-use form is a dynamic form that can be added to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile only once. The single-use feature, which was previously available for Contract dynamic forms, is now also available for Company and Project dynamic forms.
  • Ticket CON-7873 – Update Documents and Recipients in Submitted eSignature Package.  Users who have submitted an eSignature package for electronic signature can now edit the package by adding or removing signatories and recipients, and by adding or removing documents from the package.  Updates are accomplished from the Submitted view in the Document Packages screen by clicking on the Icon Edit.png icon, which displays the eSignature Portal in Correcting mode.
  • Ticket CON-7233 – Editable Document File Names.  After a document file has been uploaded to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile and a Document Profile is created, the Filename field for the document can now be edited.
  • Ticket CON-6840 – Flow Step Can Include Document Attachment.  When users complete a flow step, they have the option of attaching a document to the step, including any document uploaded to the Company or Contract Profile, as well as any global (shared) documents. To attach a document to a flow step, display the Flow Options menu by clicking on the Icon Properties.png icon in in the Contract Profile screen, click on Manage Flow Documents, and move the document from the Available Documents list to the Attached Documents list in the Flow Document Manager window by clicking on the document’s Icon Add.png icon.
  • Ticket CON-8070 – Flow Update Step Configuration Updated to Accommodate a Dynamic Date.  In adding an Update step to a Flow, and configuring a date field for the step, Administrators can now select a date relative to the current date + a set number of days. Previously, only a Today option or a specific date were available as selections for configuring a date field.
  • Ticket CON-8502 – Completed eSignature Package Associated with Flow Step Moves Flow to Next Step.  When the eSignature Package Wizard is one of the steps in a Contract Flow, the flow moves to the next step only when the eSignature Package associated with the step is completed.  Previously, if the Contract Profile contained a completed eSignature Package from another deal, the presence of the completed Package automatically moved the flow to the next step.
  • Ticket CON-3271 – Messaging in Projects.  The Messaging feature has been added to projects and is now available via a Messaging link in the Projects screen.
  • Ticket SC-233 – Item Selections for Field Mappings Limited to Compatible Fields.  In mapping a Novatus field to a Salesforce field, only compatible items for the Novatus field now display in the Salesforce list.  Previously, all Salesforce fields displayed when mapping a Novatus field, increasing the likelihood of receiving an Incompatible Mapping Error message.
  • Ticket SC-244 – Mapping Allowed Between Salesforce Text Field and Novatus Picklist.  Administrators can now map a text field in Salesforce to a combo-list with multiple selections in Novatus by mapping the text field to each of the available selections in the list.  Previously, mapping between two different types of fields was not allowed.
  • Ticket SC-258 – Field Mapping Remains Intact when Salesforce Field Renamed.  When an Administrator maps a field in Salesforce to a field in Novatus, and a Salesforce user changes the name of the field in the Salesforce application, the mapping no longer breaks, but remains intact between the Salesforce field and the Novatus field.

Issues Resolved

  • Ticket CON-8553 – Dynamic Form Without Field Labels Can Be Saved.  Administrators can no longer create a dynamic form, add a field to the form, delete the label for the field in the Field Properties grid, and then save the form.
  • Ticket CON-8561 – Document Type List Editable by Users without Permissions.  Users who do not have permission to edit the documents for the contracts in a particular Contract Group, are no longer able to edit the Document Type list in the Documents browse screen.  Previously, these users were not able to edit the document from the Document Profile screen, but they were able to edit the selection in the Document Type list in the Documents browse screen.
  • Ticket CON-8562 – Document Converted from PDF to Word in Novatus Cannot Be Used in eSignature Package Wizard.  When a PDF document stored in a Novatus Contract Profile is converted to a Word document, the resulting file has a ".PDF.DOCX" extension, which was not accepted as a valid file type when selected as a document to be used by the eSignature Package Wizard during the electronic signing process.  The developer code has been modified, and both ".PDF.DOCX" and ".DOCX.PDF" are now recognized as valid file types by the eSignature Package Wizard.
  • Ticket CON-8567 – AutoComplete Feature for Distribution List Not Working in Messaging Window.  When users create a message by clicking on the Messaging link in a Contract Profile, and then begin typing the name of a distribution list in the To field in the Messaging window, the system once again displays all matching distribution lists and users.  For a brief period, the AutoComplete feature was not displaying possible matches for distribution lists.
  • Ticket CON-8614 – Contract Work Log History File Does Not Capture Deleted Items.  The Work Log History file, which is accessed by clicking on the History link in a Contract Profile and then clicking the Work Log History tab, once again displays all the activities that users have performed in a Contract Profile, including deletions.
  • Ticket CON-8615 – Query Matching Step in Contract Flow Stalls When Configured to Company Profile Field.  Administrators can once again use a Query Matching step in a Contract Flow and set the configuration to match a value in a field in a Company Profile without causing the flow to stall.  Novatus now executes the query and moves the flow to the next step.
  • Ticket CON-8621 – Copy Screen State Option Displays Error Upon New User Login.  When an Administrator uses the Copy feature to create a new User Profile and selects the Copy Screen State option, the new user no longer receives an Error Fetching Data from Server message when they login to Novatus.  The Copy Screen State option allows an existing user's Dashboard settings to be copied so that a new user will have portlets displayed in their Dashboard when they first login to Novatus.
  • Ticket CON-8622 – Document Type Lists in Company Document Screens Do Not Match.  When users add a document to a Company Profile, the items selections in the Document Type list in the New Document screen now match the item selections in the Document Type list in the Revisions sections of the Document Profile screen.
  • Ticket CON-8624 – Adding Note to Generic Flow Step Containing Previously Used Word Deletes Previous Notes.  In adding cumulative notes for a Generic flow step, which allows multiple users to add notes for the same flow step, if an existing note contains a word that is used by a succeeding user when entering their note, any previous notes are no longer deleted.
  • Ticket CON-8631 – Deleting a Form from a Contract Request Template Deletes Entire Template.  When an Administrator creates an enhanced Request Type template, and then removes the only form in the template, the entire template is no longer deleted after the Admin clicks through the prompt that states a 'request bundle requires at least one request.'
  • Ticket CON-8646 – Scheduled Analytics Report with Apostrophe in Report Name Cannot Be Edited.  When a user schedules an Analytics Report to be delivered, and the report name includes an apostrophe, the user is now able to edit the scheduling of the report.  Previously, attempting to edit the settings for a scheduled Analytics Report with an apostrophe in its name would produce a blank screen.  
  • Ticket SC-203 – Requests for Self-Service Contracts Not Being Transmitted from Salesforce to Novatus.  When a Salesforce user creates a Novatus request for a Self-Service contract, the request is now being received in Novatus for approval.  For a brief period, Self-Service requests sent from Salesforce were not being received in Novatus.
  • Ticket SC-242 – Copying Mapping for Request Type with Dynamic Form Generates Error Message.  Administrators can now successfully use the Copy Mapping feature to map a Salesforce Contract Type to a Novatus Contract Type and a Novatus Request Type that is linked to a dynamic form.