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Conga Novatus Release Notes V7.2.8 – June 24, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • Ticket CON-8258 - Error Generated When Profile Rule Requires Contract Description Field to be Hidden for Contract Request. When an Administrator sets a profile rule in a Contract Request Type template that requires the Contract Description field to be hidden, and a user makes a contract request using the template, the user no longer receives an Invalid Form error. The error displayed since Contract Description was a required field that was used to differentiate requests. Since contract requests are now numbered for identification, the field is no longer required.
  • Ticket CON-8310 - Search Query Portlet Configuration Not Maintained When Update Made to Query. Users can once again configure the display in their Search Query portlet in the Dashboard, make an update to any of their saved search queries, and expect the display in the portlet to retain their configuration.
  • Ticket CON-9129 - Creation Template Removed from Self-Service Option for Contract Request Type Cannot Be Deleted. If Administrators create a Contract Request Type, designate it as a Self-Service request and make a selection in the Creation Template list so the selected template will be used as the default document for the request, but later clear the Creation Template list so that no template is selected, the removed Creation Template can once again be deleted from the Creation Template Edit screen. For a brief period, an error message displayed, advising Administrators that the template was in use and could not be deleted.
  • Ticket CON-9137 - Action Button Text Distorted in Emails Messages for Flows and Workflows. The text in the action buttons in the email messages for flow and workflow steps, such as Complete, Approve, and Decline, once again displays properly.
  • Ticket CON-9169 - Emails for Self-Service Contract Requests Not Being Generated. When a user made a request for a Self-Service contract and attached several large document files to the request, the email messages sent to all concerned parties were not being generated. Novatus has increased the email attachment limit for contract requests to 30MB.
  • Ticket CON-9176 - Error Generated When Attempting to Archive a Company Profile. Users can once again archive a Company Profile without receiving an Operation Error message. Novatus determined that the error occurred when a document was uploaded to the Company Profile and then deleted prior to archiving.
  • Ticket CON-9195 - Salesforce Picklist Values Not Being Mapped to Novatus Combo Lists. After an Administrator adds a custom pick list field to the Salesforce Account screen and the Novatus Contract Request screen in Salesforce, adds a corresponding combo list to the Company or Contract Profile in Novatus, and maps the pick list field in Salesforce to the combo list in Novatus in the Integration Settings screen, when a Salesforce user makes a contract request using the updated Novatus Contract Request, the request received in Novatus now contains the pick list (combo list) field.
  • Ticket CON-9196 - Self-Service Contract Requests Not Being Processed. A user is once again able to make a contract request, select a Self-Service template, and have the request automatically create a Contract Profile and upload the contract document to the Profile. For a brief period, self-service contract requests were not being processed by Novatus.
  • Ticket CON-9198 - Elastic Search Results Do Not Reflect Contract Status Updates Made by a Workflow. When a contract’s status is updated by a workflow step, and an elastic search is run after the status update, the search result now links to the Contract Profile with the updated status.
  • Ticket CON-9201 - Successive Execution of Saved Search Queries Displays Blank Screen. Users can load a saved search query, execute the search, and from the Results screen, immediately repeat the process using a different search query without receiving a blank screen.
  • Ticket CON-9209 - Numeric Fields Exceeding Five Numbers Do Not Display in Analytics. Users can now add a metric (number) field to the Analytics Chart Builder, and if any result for that field exceeds 999.99, the value will display correctly.  Previously, no value displayed when the field value exceeded five numbers, including decimal places.
  • Ticket CON-9210 - Profile Rule to Hide Linked Multi-Select Field Not Being Applied in Contract Profile. Administrators can now write a profile rule that hides a multi-select list that is added as an additional field to a Contract Profile and then linked to second additional field that is a combo list.
  • Ticket CON-9221 - Google Chrome Browser Freezes When Mapping Additional Fields Between Salesforce and Novatus. Using the Chrome browser, Administrators can now add additional fields to both Novatus and Salesforce screens, and then map the additional fields in the Integration Settings screen without issue.
  • Ticket CON-9245 - Error Generated When Contract Term Type Filter Used in Advanced Edit. Administrators can once again perform an advanced edit by selecting Contract Events or Contract Tasks in the Section list, and then apply a filter where Contract Term Type equals any term type without receiving a Query Failed error message.
  • Ticket CON-9255 - Error Generated When Document Category Selected as Entity in Analytics Report. Users can once again create an Analytics Report without receiving a system error message when they select Document in the Entity list in the Novatus Analytics prompt.  Previously, selecting Document at any point in the entity hierarchy generated an error; for example Company Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Document and Company Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Contract Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Document.
  • Ticket CON-9263 - Error Generated When Submitting Contract Request from Salesforce to Novatus.  Salesforce users can once again submit a contract request from Salesforce to Novatus without receiving an Unable to submit request error message.
  • Ticket CON-9266 - Error Generated When Launching Company Workflows. Users can once again add a workflow to a Company Profile, and click on the workflow record in the Workflows screen to display the first step in the workflow without receiving an error message. Users also received the error message when they clicked on the Workflows button in the Company Profile Toolbar, and then clicked on an existing workflow. However, users were able to continue after clicking OK in the error message.
  • Ticket CON-9273 – Products for Salesforce Opportunities Not Being Mapped to Novatus Dynamic Form Fields.  In the Integration Settings screen, when a Novatus Administrator adds a mapping between the Salesforce Opportunity Product Object and a Novatus Additional (Dynamic) Form, and a Salesforce user makes a contract request for an Opportunity with product lines, the request received in Novatus now contains the product fields.