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Conga Novatus Release Notes V7.1.3 – December 17, 2016


  • Ticket CON-8147 – Link to Company Profile for Contract Requests.  During the approval process for a contract request, Company Name will display as a link if a Company Profile already exists for the company requesting the contract.  Selecting the link will take the approver to the Company Profile screen, allowing him/her to view any existing contracts for the company.  The approver can return to the approval process by simply selecting the Back button their browser.
  • Ticket CON-8272– Color Display for Last Stage of Flow. When all the steps in the last stage of a flow are completed, the stage header now turns from gray to green, which is the standard behavior for a completed stage. Previously, the header for the last stage in a flow remained gray after the stage was completed.
  • Ticket SC-1 – Enhanced Load Performance for Mapping in Novatus.  In the Novatus Integration Settings screen for Salesforce, when an Administrator adds or edits an Integration, maps Salesforce contract types to Novatus contract types and request types, and then updates the mapping by selecting the Salesforce Field Mapping  icon, the load time for the Salesforce Field Mapping window has been reduced to 5 seconds.
  • Ticket SC-182 – Salesforce Contract Request Not Restricted by Account Name in Novatus.  When a Salesforce user makes a contract request under an incorrect account name in Salesforce and then submits the request to Novatus for approval, the Novatus approver can now change the name of the account to an existing company name in Novatus before approving the request.
  • Ticket SC-204 – Default Configuration for Salesforce Documents Imported to Novatus.  When a contract request is submitted from Salesforce to Novatus for approval, any document(s) attached to the request can now be assigned a default document type (e.g., Draft, Revision, or Final Version).  Novatus Administrators define the default document type for the Salesforce documents imported into Novatus from the Integration Settings screen.

Issues Resolved

  • Ticket CON-5119 – Edits to Company Relationships Not Displaying in History Screen.  When a user makes an update to the relationship between two companies, a record of this edit is now displayed in the History screen in both Company Profiles.
  • Ticket CON-8240 – List of Users Eligible for Assignment to an eSignature Step in Contract Flow Template is Truncated.  When an Administrator adds an eSignature step to a Contract Flow template and assigns the step to a specific user, the full list of eligible users now displays.  Previously, when the list of users was lengthy, the entire list did not display. 
  • Ticket CON-8305 – Cannot Approve Contract Request Created with Template Containing Both Standard and Self-Service Forms.  Approvers can now approve a contract request, even if the request is created using a template that contains both a standard form and a self-service form.  Previously, an error message displayed when the approver opened the contract request.
  • Ticket CON-8315 – Copy Contract Request Feature Tied to Request Admin Permission.  The Copy Request button now appears in the My Requests screen for all users who have the permission to make contract requests.  Erroneously, this feature was also tied to the Administrator permission to create, modify, and delete contract requests, and therefore, the Copy Request button did not display unless the user had both permissions.
  • Tickets CON-8317 and CON-8274 – Login Failure.  Users can once again successfully login to a brief period, a blank screen displayed upon login.
  • Ticket CON-8321 – Unable to Resume Contract Request Approval Process.  When an approver partially completes the process of approving a contract request, and then tries to resume the process by clicking on the   icon in their My Approvals screen, they can once again finish reviewing the contract request.  For a brief period, the screen went blank when an approver clicked on the icon.
  • Ticket CON-8322 – Error Displays for Flow Approval Step When Adding a Contract Responsibility.  When a flow is run on a Contract Profile and the flow is currently at an Approval step, users can now edit the Profile by adding a responsibility without receiving an Internal Server Error.
  • Ticket CON-8330 – System-Wide Error Message.  Users no longer receive an error message when they login to Novatus Contracts and/or navigate to any program screen.  For a brief period, users received a java.lang.NullPointerException: null error message.
  • Ticket CON-8333 – Infinite Load Mask for Profile Rule Setting Default Value for Contract Responsibility.  Administrators can once again create a Profile Rule that sets a default value for a contract responsibility in a Contract Profile.
  • Ticket CON-8355 – Cannot Submit Contract Request for Company Name Containing Apostrophe.  Users can now submit a contract request using a template, which Administrators have designated as a legacy contract request template, for a company whose name includes an apostrophe.
  • Ticket CON-8366 – Cannot Edit Company Name for Draft and Declined Contract Requests.  Users can now save a contract request as a draft, reopen the request, and then change the name of the company associated with the request. Previously users could not edit the name of the company for a draft request, or a declined request.
  • Ticket CON-8379 – User Search Returning Limited Results When Manager Field is Selected.  In the Users browse screen, when you click the Search button and select the Select All option, and then enter a keyword or phrase in the Search field, the only returned results are for the new Manager field in the User Profile.
  • Ticket SC-210 – Error Displays When Adding a Document to a Contract Request During Approval Process.  During the contract request approval process, approvers no longer receive an error message when they add a document to the request and assign it a document type.  This error also prevented the document from being sent back to the requestor in Salesforce.
  • Ticket SC-215 – Self Service Contract Request for New Company Generates Two Company Profiles.  When a Salesforce user creates a Self Service contact request for a new account, and submits the request to Novatus where it is automatically approved, the approved request no longer creates two Company Profiles for the same account in Novatus.
  • Ticket SC-220 – Duplicate Email Message Sent to Contract Request Approvers.  When a Salesforce user submits a contract request to Novatus for approval, the individuals designated as approvers for the request no longer receive the same email message twice, advising them that a contract request is awaiting their approval.