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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.1 - January 20, 2018

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-9755 - Notification of Archived Users When Publishing Flow Template.  When Administrators publish a Contract, Company, or Project Flow Template, a prompt now displays if any of the flow steps are assigned to a user who has been archived.  The prompt identifies the name of the affected step(s) so that a different user can be assigned before the template is published.
  • CON-8034 - Project Flows, Templates, and Stages are Searchable.  Users can now run a Search Query to identify valid and skipped project flows, as well as locate a flow using its author, creation or completion date, or the date it was last updated. Searches for Project Flow Stages and Flow Templates can also be run.   
    • To search for a project flow, click Search in the Navigation Toolbar and then click Search Query.  Select ProjectIcon HierArrow.gifFlow in the Result Type list.  Select the criteria for a flow (ProjectIcon HierArrow.gifFlowIcon HierArrow.gif[flow field]), a flow template (ProjectIcon HierArrow.gifFlowIcon HierArrow.gifFlow TemplateIcon HierArrow.gif[template field]), or a flow stage (ProjectIcon HierArrow.gifFlowIcon HierArrow.gifFlow TemplateIcon HierArrow.gifFlow StageIcon HierArrow.gif[stage field]).
  • CON-9439 - Prompts Added to True-Up Process.  In addition to redlining the differences between the variable information in a final contract document and the information stored in Conga Contracts, prompts were added to the True-up process.
    • In the full release of 8.1, clicking the Icon TrueUp.png icon for a Contract Profile or additional form field displays a prompt that allows users to true-up the information in the program field with the information in the document, or make no change to the field.
  • CON-9976 - True-Up History File.  Users can track the true-up sessions that were opened and completed from the History screen in a Contract Profile.  The True-Up History view shows the original and updated values of the program fields that have been trued-up to match the variable information in a final contract document.