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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.0.9 - November 11, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9664 - Filtering By Contract Address Type in Report Wizard Generates Error.  User can once again run the Report Wizard, select Contract as the Primary entity, Addresses as the Secondary entity, add any fields to the report, and then filter the report by the Contract Address Type field without generating a system error.
  • CON-9703 - WebDAV Editing (Open in Word) Not Allowing Updated MS Word Documents to be Saved as Revisions.  Contracts has updated the libraries used for WebDAV Editing to ensure proper functioning of the feature for customers whose operating systems and MS Word versions were not compatible with the feature.
  • CON-9795 - Skipped Contract Flow Steps Display as Completed.  Users can once again skip a step in a contract flow and expect the step to be removed from the flow in the Profile screen.  For a brief period, clicking a step’s Override button caused the step to be grayed out, indicating the step had been completed.
  • CON-9806 - Additional Short Text Field Added to Contract Profile Does Not Display Properly When Populated with Character Limit.  When an Administrator adds an additional short text field to a Contract Profile, users can once again populate the field with the 254-character limit and expect the field to display properly in the Profile screen.  For a brief period, the field did not display an Expand link to reveal hidden text, the field became elongated, and most of the text was truncated.