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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.0.12 - December 23, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9737 - Clause Search Limited to Keyword When Word Plug-In is Installed.  When a user installs the Word Plug-in for use with the Document Assembly feature, they can now run a search from the Clause Browse screen for a multi-word clause, such as Payment Option 1.  Previously, entering search criteria that exceeded a single word or name yielded no results.
  • CON-9827 - Check Box in Creation Template Disables Clause Mapping in Generated Contract.  When Administrators add a Creation Template that includes a mapped clause, they can once again select the Keep Unused Regions check box in the template, and the clause will display in the generated contract when the Creation Wizard is run. For a brief period, the clause would not display in the generated contract when the check box was selected.
  • CON-9852 - Replies to Messages Sent from Project Profiles Not Received.  When users send an email message from a Project Profile, and a recipient responds using Outlook, their email message is once again received and stored in the Profile.  For a brief period, the only responses received in the Project Profile were those where the recipient selected the Reply All option in Outlook and did not attach any documents to the message.
  • CON-9864 - Contract Tree View Not Available for Large Number of Contracts. When a Company Profile houses 500 or more contracts, the Contract Tree view, which is a hierarchical representation of the relationship between the contracts, now displays.  Previously, a blank screen displayed after clicking the Contracts link in a Company Profile and then clicking the Contract Tree tab.
  • CON-9893 - DocuSign Reminder and Expiration Settings are Overridden by Defaults.  Administrators can now set the parameters for Reminder and Expiration emails in DocuSign without the settings being overridden when DocuSign is used to obtain eSignatures.  For example, if an expiration period was configured in DocuSign so that the envelope expired in 21 days if the signatory had not provided their eSignature, Contracts no longer overrides the 21 days with a system default of 120 days.