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Conga Contracts Release Notes V8.0 – July 1, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-3331 - Agreement Link Field Available for Contract Request Types. Administrators can now add an Agreement Link list to a Contract Request Type template so that when a user makes a request using the template, the user can link the request to an existing Contract Profile. During the contract request process, when the user selects the company for the request, all of the company’s contracts will auto-populate the Agreement Link list.
  • CON-6693 - Individual Forms Can Be Hidden in a Contract Request Type. Administrators can hide a form in an enhanced Contract Request Type template by setting a Profile Rule for the form, in which a condition is defined for hiding the form, and the new Hide Request option is selected in the Action Type list in the Profile Rules view of the Request Type Bundle Edit screen. When users make a contract request using the template, the form will be hidden if the information provided by the user meets the condition(s) defined in the Profile Rule for hiding the form.
  • CON-6904 - Additional Operators for Profile Rule Conditions. In setting a condition for a Profile Rule, Null and Not Null have been added to the Operation list in the Profile Rules Edit screen to identify an unpopulated field, as well as a field populated with any data. Previously, the only operators were In and Not In.
  • CON-7328 - Multiple Assignees for Flow Steps. When Administrators add a step to a flow template, they can now assign the step to more than one program user, function, or responsibility. A flow step is assigned by clicking on the step’s Icon Gear.png icon, selecting Edit Properties in the menu, and clicking the Assignee tab in the properties window.
  • CON-8843 - Option Added to Creation Template to Prevent Removal of Text in Generated Contract. Administrators can select the new Keep Unused Regions check box in a Creation Template to prevent text from being removed when a contract is generated using the Creation Wizard. This issue can occur when the template contains one or more fields that are mapped to a dynamic form that was not captured in the Contract Profile from which the wizard is launched, which caused the text preceding a dynamic form merge field in the contract to be erased.
  • CON-8856 - System Setting to Manage Default Dashboards for New Users. When an Administrator add a new user, Contracts automatically adds the Recently Viewed Companies, Recently Viewed Contracts, and Active Workflow Items portlets to the user’s Dashboard when they log in for the first time. Administrators can manage the portlets that display for new users by selecting the System Settings link in the Admin menu, clicking the Dashboard Settings tab, and removing or adding to the default portlets.
  • CON-8910 - Archive User Profiles. Administrators can now archive, rather than disable, a user by selecting the Archive User button in their User Profile. Although a user cannot be archived if they are named in a contract, company, or project-related task or responsibility, their tasks and responsibilities can be assigned to another person using the Advanced Edit feature. The login name for an archived user can be reused, if needed.
  • CON-9237 - Read Only User Type Renamed Casual User. In the User Profile, the Read Only selection in the User Type list has been renamed Casual User to promote clarity.
  • CON-9290 - Option to Select User Responsible for Resetting Passwords. In accordance with CON-6832, which adds a Forgot Password link to the Login screen, the System Administrator can select the person responsible for resetting user passwords. The responsible person is assigned by selecting their email address in the Forgot Password Email Address list in the System Settings screen. The individual selected receives a system email message, identifying the user who forgot their password and their login name.
  • CON-6832 - Forgot Password Option Added to Login Screen. Users can now formally request a password reset using the Forgot Password link in the Login screen.
  • CON-7544 - Configurable Active Workflow Items Portlet. Users can now customize the views in their Active Workflow Items portlet by clicking the Icon Portlet Options.png icon in the header, and managing the tabs (views) they want displayed using the Configure Tabs prompt.
  • CON-7776 - Company Fields Added to Contract One-Click Report. The One-Click Report launched from the Contract Profile screen now contains basic information from the contract’s Company Profile screen.
  • CON-8595 - Download Option for All Elastic Search Results. After running an elastic search, users can now download the documents stored in the individual Company and Contract Profiles returned in the search results. Previously, documents could only be downloaded from Document Profiles returned in search results.
  • CON-8969 – Relevant Fields Displayed in Results Screen for Elastic Search.  When users run an elastic search by entering text or a value in the Search field in the Navigation Toolbar, the summary information that displays in the Results screen for a company, contract, and document has been enhanced.  For example, a company result now includes the company name, number, type, group, status, category, address, and date last modified.  A contract result includes the contract number, type, status, effective date, current expiration date, date last modified, and term type, as well as the company name.  A document result includes the file name, document type, version number, effective date, date last modified, and author, as well as information that identifies the Profile where the document is stored.
  • CON-5841 - Document Preview Available From Document Profile. Users can now open a document in a preview window from the Document Profile screen by clicking the new Preview button in the toolbar. From the preview window, users can view, search, print, and download a copy of the document.
  • CON-7994 - Document Comparison Available in Document Packages. Users who are members of a document package can now compare two versions of a document stored in the package. The Compare Documents feature is launched by clicking the Icon Compare.png icon in the Document Packages portlet and the Document Packages browse screen.
  • CON-8959 - Exact Field Mapping in Bulk Data Upload. When users perform a bulk data upload of contract, company, or dynamic form data using an Excel template, Contracts will now map a field in the template to a system field only when the names of the fields match exactly. Previously, Contracts allowed two different fields in an Excel template having similar names to be mapped to the same system field.
  • CON-8084 - eSignature Integration Setting to Retain Original Document Type. Administrators can now enable an integration setting that ensures a document being sent for electronic signature retains its original document type when it is saved as the final document in the Contract Profile. To enable the setting, click the System Settings link in the Admin menu, click the Integration Settings tab, select the Automatically Complete eSignature Packages check box, and then select the Retain Original Document Type check box.
  • CON-5547 - Creation Step in Contract Flow Can Be Set to Auto-Run. If an Administrator selects the new Auto Run Creation Template check box in the properties window for a Creation Template step in a contract flow, the Creation Wizard automatically runs when a user creates a Contract Profile that matches the criteria for the flow. However, if there is information missing from the Company or Contract Profile that is required by the Creation Template, or if the template uses questions to remove contract sections, the flow step must be run manually.
  • CON-7423 - Communication Step for Flow Templates. Administrators can now add a Communication step to a flow template. When the flow is applied to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, the Communication step includes a Send button, which when selected, displays a Messaging window that allows the user to send an email message to any person listed in the Address Book.
  • CON-8966 - Automatic Notification Step for Flow Templates. Administrators can now add an Automatic Notification step to a flow template, provide the notification message, and select the recipients for the message. Contracts will automatically send out an email containing the notification message to each recipient when the previous step in the flow is completed. This enhancement allows users to receive information on changes to a flow without logging into Contracts. Administrators can select the additional fields that will display in the email message by selecting Flow Notification in the Email Type list in the Email Settings screen.
  • CON-7640 - Additional (Dynamic) Forms Added to Copy Project Feature. When users copy an existing project, the additional forms captured in the original Project Profile can now be copied to the new Profile using the new Copy Project Wizard. The wizard allows users to select individual additional forms, rather than copying all the forms.
  • CON-4772 - Document Comparison Available in Negotiation Portal. The external participants and company contacts who are members of a document package, and who participate in the negotiation of a contract document in the Portal, can now compare two versions of a document stored in the package. The Compare Documents feature is launched after a document package member uploads a revision to a document in the Portal, clicks on the document record, clicks the Compare Revisions button, and follows the onscreen prompts.
  • CON-8616 - Clause Processing Not Restricted to Uploaded Documents. Clause Processing is now run on the document types that are identified for analysis and added to Contracts by (a) approving a contract request with a document attachment (b) creating a contract document using the Creation Wizard (c) running the eSignature Wizard or Document Package Wizard, and (d) uploading a document or a revision to a document, and well as editing an existing document by changing its document type. Previously, clause processing was only applied to documents uploaded to Contracts when their document type matched one of those selected for clauses analysis.
  • CON-9154 - Salesforce IDs Added to Contract Requests. When a Salesforce user submits a contract request for a new company, and the request is approved, the ID of the Salesforce Account is added to the Company Profile. When the Contract Profile is created, the ID of the Salesforce Contract record is added to the Contract Profile.
  • CON-9156 - External ID Field Added to Report Wizard. Users can now generate a report on contract requests and add the new External ID field to the report to include the identification of Salesforce as the application where the request was initiated.
  • CON-9157- External ID Field Added to Search Query Results Screen. When users run a Search Query on information related to a contract request, an External ID field has been added to the Results screen. When the field is populated, it identifies Salesforce as the application where the request was initiated.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8929 - Error Generated When eSignature Wizard uses Two Templates with Same Signatories and Signing Order. Users can run the eSignature Package Wizard, select two documents for inclusion in the package, and assign a different template to each document without a Duplicate Recipient Email error being generated when the user uses the same signatories, in the same signing order, in both templates.
  • CON-9130 - Default System Fields in Project Profile are Optional. When users create a new project, the default system fields in the Project Profile are once again required fields.
  • CON-9179 - Reports Do Not Reflect External IDs for Approved Contract Requests from Salesforce. When a Salesforce user submits a contract request for a company that was created in Salesforce, and a user approves the request and then runs the Report Wizard, which includes adding both the Company/Contract External ID fields, and filtering the report by Contract External ID, the External ID fields for Company and Contract are no longer blank
  • CON-9224 - Elastic Search Does Not Return Results for Document Changes Made using Direct Editing. Users can launch Direct Editing to make changes to a MS Word document inside the program, and then run an elastic search, which will now return results for text or values added to the edited document. Direct Editing is launched from a Document Profile screen by clicking the Open in Word button in the toolbar.
  • CON-9244 - Request Name Defaults to Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). When Administrators add a form to a Contract Request Type by clicking the Icon Plus Small.png icon to the left of the Bundle Configuration tab without the name of the tab defaulting to requestName[UUID]. The name of the tab should default to New Request Type.