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Conga Contracts Release Notes V8.0.8 – October 21, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9623 - Editing Contract Document Produces Incorrect Work Log History Entry.  When a user edits a contract document, the Work Log History screen no longer displays a Deleted Record entry for the document.  For a brief period, editing the Description field in a Contract Profile generated both an Edited Record and a Deleted Record entry in the Work Log History screen.
  • CON-9640 - Performing Advanced Edit for Company Type Generates Error.  Administrators can once again perform an Advanced Edit that globally replaces the value(s) in the Company Type field without receiving a Fault Occurred While Processing error.  The error occurred after selecting Company in the Section list, Company Type in the field list, and In or Not In in the inclusion list.
  • CON-9647 - Work Log History Links Allow Users to Circumvent Security Permissions.  Users can no longer access data for which they have not been granted permission by clicking on a workflow, document, or document package link in the Work Log History screen in a Contract Profile. The Work Log History screen is accessed by clicking the History link in a Contract Profile, and then clicking the Work Log History tab.
  • CON-9669 - Default View of Elastic Search Does Not Display Contract Search Results. Users can once again run an elastic search for contracts and expect the search results to include Contract Profiles in the default Results screen, which should include Contract, Company, and Document Profiles. This issue was limited to a single customer.
  • CON-9686 - Flows Can Be Published without Start Connection.  Administrators must now connect the START step in any contract, company, or project flow in order to publish the template.  Previously, a flow could be published even if the default START step, which appears in every stage grid in the Flow Design Panel, was not connected to any step in the flow.  To correct this issue and identify any flows with no connected START step, Contracts recommends re-publishing all contract, company, and project flows.  Corrupt flows will display the following error message: <Flow Step Name> does not have a start connection.
  • CON-9688 - Closing Confirmation Prompt Does Not Cancel Advanced Edit. Administrators can once again cancel an Advanced Edit by clicking the close Icon Close Event.png button in the Update Records confirmation prompt.  Previously, closing the prompt without selecting the Yes or No option would execute the edit.
  • CON-9541 - Screen State Not Saved for Search Query Results.  When a user runs a search query, customizes the fields that are used to display the results, and then saves the query, the Results screen that displays when the user runs the query at a later date does not retain the customizations and the default fields are used to display results.