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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release Notes V8.0.6 – September 23, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9283 - Archived Scorecards Figured into Count in Contract Profile.  When a user archives a scorecard, the number appended to the Scorecards link in the Contract Profile is now reduced by one.  For example, if four (4) scorecards are completed for a Contract Profile, and one is archived, the Scorecards link in the Profile now displays as Scorecards (3).  Previously, archived scorecards were figured into the total number of scorecards in a Contract Profile.
  • CON-9401 - Quick Tip Text Obscured for Required Multi-Select List in Additional Form.  Users can once again read the quick tip provided by Administrators and designed to help them correctly populate a required multi-select list in an additional form that has been added to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.
  • CON-9462 - Flow Step Email Contains Information on Previously Completed Steps.  When a user receives email notification that a flow step has been assigned to them, the email no longer contains superfluous information on the previously completed steps, for which the user is not responsible.
  • CON-9516 - Profile Rule Created to Hide External ID Field Generates Error.  Users can now set up a Profile Rule for the External ID field in the Company or Contract Profile screen that requires the field to be hidden, with or without a condition, without receiving a Rule Error.  The External ID field is automatically added to the Company/Contract Profile screen when a Salesforce user submits a contract request for a new account, and the request is approved.
  • CON-9587 - Supplier Registration Can Be Submitted With Unpopulated Required Fields.  When an Administrator creates a Supplier Registration Type and adds required fields to the form, any supplier who completes and submits the registration form must once again complete all the required fields.  For a brief period, the only required fields that a supplier needed to populate were those for their company’s address.
  • CON-9590 - Flow Step Assigned to Person Function Generates Email Messages to Deleted External People.  When an Administrator creates a Company, Contract, or Project Flow template, adds a step to the flow and assigns the step to a person function, Contracts no longer sends an email message to deleted external people who held the person function, advising them that the step needed to be completed.
  • CON-9591 - Consecutive Clicks of Publish Template Button Publishes Multiple Copies of Flow Template. When an Administrator publishes a Contract, Company, or Project Flow Template by clicking the Publish Template button in the Flow Design Panel screen, and clicks on the button more than once, additional copies of the template are no longer published.  Previously, clicking rapidly on the button would generate additional copies of the published flow template.
  • CON-9628 - User with Insufficient Permissions Can Access Project Profile.  When a user is a member of a Project Workflow Team, but has their permissions to access a particular project group revoked, the user can no longer access the Project Profiles belonging to this group from the link in the email notification they receive, asking them to complete a step in the workflow.
  • CON-9524 - Salesforce Field Mapping Contains Two Contract Number Fields.  When an Administrator maps the Salesforce field labeled Contract to the field labeled Contract in the Salesforce Field Mapping window,  Contract - Contract Number no longer appears twice in the Salesforce field list.  To access the field, click Admin Icon Arrow Horizontal.png System Settings, select the Integration Settings tab, click on a valid integration, and click Icon Edit.png  for a contract type mapping.  In the Salesforce Field Mapping window, select Contract in the Salesforce list, select Contract in the list, and then select Contract - Contract Number in the Salesforce Fields list.