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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release Notes V8.0.4 – August 26, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9544 - Error Message Displays When Installing Word Plug-In for Document Assembly.  When users click the + Word Add In button in the Clause Browse screen to install the plug-in needed to run the Document Assembly feature in MS Word, they no longer receive an End Point URL error message.
  • CON-9476 - Save Option Unavailable for Contract Profile.  Users who click the Edit Contract button in the Contract Profile screen, and then click the Save button, with or without making any changes, no longer receive a Contract Save Error message.  This error was specific to one customer and occurred during a data upload when the effective dates for some contracts were in the incorrect format, such as the year expressed in five digits, instead of four.  Example: 07/09/20215.
  • CON-9517 - URL Options Not Available for Document Assembly.  When users install the MS Word plug-in from the Clause Browse screen in order to run the Document Assembly feature, they can now open MS Word, click the Conga Word Plugin tab in the toolbar, click the Settings link, and switch between the available URLs in the End Point URL list in the Settings window. Previously, only one URL was available in the list.
  • CON-9501 - Multiple Approvers Halts Flow Step.  Administrators can now create a flow template with an approval step that is assigned to more than one specific user without the flow being halted when any of the specific users approves or declines the step.
  • CON-9448 - Read Only Users Can Manage External and Company Contacts.  Users with Read Only permissions can no longer add and delete company contacts and external participants from the Person Browse screen, which is accessed by selecting the People link in the My Place menu.
  • CON-9386 - Screen State Not Saved for Saved Search Query.  Users can once again run a search query, edit the fields of information that display for the results, save the search query, and expect the requested fields to display when they reopened the query.  Previously (and intermittently), reopening a saved search query would display the default fields.
  • JIRA CON-9150 - Critical Update Console (CRUC) Setting for Hyperlink Formula Fields. Administrators of a Salesforce organization that uses hyperlink formula fields containing JavaScript can now activate the CRUC setting, allowing them to block the execution of JavaScript in these fields.  As of the Spring 2017 release of Salesforce, administrators can no longer create new hyperlink formula fields containing JavaScript.  Editing and saving existing fields containing JavaScript is also prevented unless the JavaScript is removed.