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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.2.5 – May 13, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-8839 - Imported Records Report for Bulk Data Uploads. An Imported Records Report screen has been added to the Bulk Data Upload Tool, allowing users to view a list of previously uploaded companies, contracts, and dynamic forms. The screen is accessed by clicking the Imported Records button in the File Select screen, which displays when you launch the Bulk Data Upload Tool.
  • CON-8958 - Renamed Field in Contract Template/Field Mapping Screen for Bulk Data Upload Tool. The Parent Contract field has been renamed Parent Contract Number field in both the Excel template and the Field Mapping screen used in the bulk upload of contract data.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8814 - Report Wizard Generates Duplicate Entries When Event is Selected as Secondary Entity. When users run the Report Wizard, select Contract as the Primary entity and Events as the Secondary entity, and then complete the wizard and export the report to an Excel format, duplicate entries are no longer displayed in the spreadsheet.
  • CON-8941 - Similar Items in Contract Type Field in Bulk Upload of Contract Data Causes Validation Error. Users can now perform a bulk data upload using a Contract.xls spreadsheet with similar items in the Contract Type field, such as Purchase Agreement and Purchase Sale Agreement, without receiving a Timeout error.
  • CON-8942 - Ability to Use Creation Wizard Template to Create Document Type without Permission. Users can no longer use a Creation Wizard template to create a contract document if the template allows them to create a document type for which they do not have permissions. The user will receive a message stating there was an error in creating the contract due to insufficient permissions.
  • CON-8943 - Direct Editing Not Working As Intended.  Users can once again launch Direct Editing by clicking the Open in Word button in the Document Profile, revising the document, and then saving the document as the next revision.
  • CON-8947 - Simultaneous Access of Contract Request by Requestor and Approver Results in Stalled Request. In the event a user submits a contract request and then cancels the request while an approver for the request is currently working, a pop-up now displays when the approver clicks on any action icon for the request in the My Approvals screen, notifying them that the request has been canceled. Previously, the canceled contract request remained in a Processing status on the requestor side, and in a Draft status on the approver side.
  • CON-8954 - Screen State of Resized Portlet Not Being Saved. Users can resize the Active Workflow Items portlet by changing its vertical height without losing the resizing when navigating away and then returning to the Dashboard.
  • CON-8962 - Changing Email Address in User Preferences Generates Error.  Users can once again update their email address without receiving an error message by clicking on their name in the Dashboard, selecting the Preferences link, clicking on the Contact tab in the User Preferences window, and updating their address in the Email Address field. Updating your email address will also be reflected in other program features, such as email notifications received for contract requests and eSignature Packages.
  • CON-8963 - eSignature Package Wizard Does Not Accept Email Address Having Domain Name Exceeding Six Characters. User can now run the eSignature Package Wizard and designate a signer whose email address contains a domain name of up to 63 characters. Previously, common domains such as .com and .org were recognized, while a domain that contained more than six characters, such as .solutions, was not accepted.
  • CON-8968 - Cannot Delete Last Contract Responsibility When Section is Full.  When users add several responsibilities for a contract and fill the entire Responsibilities section in the Contract Profile, they can once again delete the last responsibility in the list.
  • CON-8977 - Advanced Edits to Additional Fields in Profiles Not Captured in History File. The global edits Administrators make to additional fields in a Company, Contract, and Project Profile are now captured in the History screen for the profile.
  • CON-8982 - Agreement Link Field Displays for Root Contracts. When a user creates a parent (Master/Individual) contract, the Agreement Link field, which is reserved for child (Incorporated) contracts, no longer displays in View mode. The Agreement Link field never displayed in edit mode.
  • CON-8991 - Icons Missing From Approval Steps in Contract Flow. The Icon Check Mark.png and Icon Decline.png icons once again display when a user approves or declines an approval step in a contract flow.
  • Ticket CON-9001 - Unable to Configure Email Messages for Projects. In the Email Settings screen, Administrators can now select the fields they want displayed in the email messages that are sent from a Project Profile. Previously, email message configuration was not available for projects.
  • CON-9004 - Elastic Search Returning Original Company Name. When users run an elastic search and an acquired company is one of the returned results, the name of the company now displays correctly. Previously, the search returned the original name of the company, instead of the acquiring company name.
  • CON-9005 - Bulk Upload Error When Default Currency is Not Set. Users no longer receive an Import Failure error message during a bulk upload of contract data if the Default Currency Type field in the System Settings screen is not populated.
  • CON-9008 - eSignature Package Wizard Creates Duplicate Signer/Recipient Role When User's Name and Email Address are Changed.  When a user's name and email address are updated and the user is added as a signatory or recipient in the eSignature Package Wizard, the user is no longer named twice in the electronic signing process.  Previously, the user was added under their current name/email address, as well as their previous name/email address.
  • CON-9012 - Missing Fields in Setting Condition for Company Profile Rule. Administrators can now set a condition for a Company Profile Rule using the Company Country and Company State/Province fields. Previously, these fields were not in the list of available options.
  • CON-9024 - Report Wizard Generates Incomplete Results When Single-Use Form Field is Included.  Users can run the Report Wizard and select a single-use dynamic form field as one of the report fields without generating an incomplete/inaccurate report.  Previously, if a single-use form was not captured for a qualifying Company or Contract Profile, the Report Wizard would not include the company or contract record in the report, even if the profile met the other reporting criteria.
  • CON-9027 - eSignature Package Status Not Updating After All Signatures Obtained. When the eSignature Package Wizard is run and all electronic signatures have been obtained on the document, the status of the eSignature Package is now consistently updated from Pending to Complete. Intermittently, the package would remain in a Pending status, requiring a user to manually refresh the package in order to update the status.
  • CON-9033 - Running a Search Query with Parent Contract as Criteria Throws Error. Users can once again run a search query by selecting Company Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Contract as the Result Type, setting the criteria to Company Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Contract Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Parent Contract, and selecting "In" or "Not In" as the condition without receiving an error message.
  • CON-9041 - Error Thrown When User Who is Signer in eSignature Package Updates Email Address. Users who are identified as signatories in a pending eSignature Package can now update their email address via the Contacts tab in the User Preferences window without receiving a system error.
  • CON-9067 – Search Phrase in Quotation Marks Returns Phrase and Individual Words. Users can now use quotation marks when running an elastic search and receive only results containing the exact phrase. Previously, the results also included individual words in the phrase.


  • SC-286 - Selecting View Link in  Documents Section in Salesforce Generates Error. Salesforce users can once again click the View link in order to view/download a document that accompanied a contract request they submitted for approval without receiving a Download error. This error was encountered only in the Google Chrome browser.
  • SC-287 - Edits to Mapping Between and Salesforce Fields Generates Error. In the Integrations Settings screen, Administrators can once again click the Icon Edit.png icon to update the mapping between a field and a Salesforce field without generating an Exception error.