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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.2.1 – March 18, 2017


  • CON-8733 – Additional Information for Contracts in Agreement Link List. When a user creates an incorporated (child) contract and links it to a root (parent) contract or another incorporated contract, the list of available contacts in the Agreement Link field now includes not only the contract number, but also the company name and the contract’s purpose to ensure the incorporated contract is linked to the correct contract.

  • CON-5999 – User-Defined Document Types for Role Security. Administrators can now identify the document types that require security in order to restrict user access. Previously, all document types appeared in the Role Profile, and Administrators had to grant or deny each user role the ability to view, create, and/or modify each document type.  To streamline the document types that appear in the Role Profile, each document type that needs role-based security is now identified in the List Administration screen by selecting its Role Security check box in the Document Types list.

  • SC-265 – Label Modified in Mapping Modal Window. The Save button in the Salesforce Field Mapping window has been changed to an Add button to more accurately reflect what occurs after the Add Mapping option is selected and a link is established between a Salesforce field and a field.

  • CON-5885 – BidSync Error Messages Now Displays Correct Contact Information.  Customers who use the BidSync tool are now provided with an 800 number and a support email address whenever a BidSync error message displays, allowing them to contact BidSync directly.  Previously, only the support number displayed in a BidSync error message.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8677 – Creation Template Ignores Document Type Permissions. When Administrators add a Creation Template and upload a formatted document, which is then used to create contracts, they can no longer select a document type for which they do not have permissions.

  • CON-8702 – Multi-Print Option for Legacy Contract Request Generates Error. When users make a contract request using a legacy template, the second screen in the request process contains an Additional Data section with a Multi-Print button, which allows users to simultaneously print all documents they have uploaded to the request. For a brief period, selecting the Multi-Print button caused an 'error fetching data from server' message to display.

  • CON-8709 – Login Name Containing Apostrophe Prevents Login. Users with a login name that contains an apostrophe can now login without any issues. Previously, when the user logged in, a blank screen displayed.

  • CON-8710 – Incomplete Flow Step Displays Name of Person Who Completed Previous Step. In the Flow Activities window, which is accessed by clicking on the Icon Properties.png  icon in a Profile screen and selecting the Show Activity Grid option, the name of the person who completed the previous flow step no longer appears in the Completed By column for the next consecutive uncompleted step.

  • CON-8735 – Ability to Edit Document Revision Without Permission. Users with the View only permission for a document type can no longer edit the revisions for documents of this type in a Contract Profile. Previously, users with the View only permission were only prevented from editing the original version of the document stored in the Contract Profile.

  • CON-8768 – Elastic Search on Scanned PDFs Returns Inconsistent Results. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) threshold was adjusted to ensure accurate results when searching for a text string in scanned PDF documents that have been uploaded to Contract Profile.