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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.0.6 - September 17, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-3019 – Address Book Default View Reflects Program Functionality.  The default view for the Address Book has been changed from Users to All Users for select program functions, such as scheduling reports and sending out event alerts for a contract’s original expiration date.  For other program functions, such as selecting the Administrators of an eSignature Package, only the Users view of the Address Book is available.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-7790 – Request Status Filter in My Approvals Screen Not Functioning Properly.  In the My Approvals screen, approvers can once again filter their contract requests by status.  Previously, all statues were displayed despite the filters applied via the Request Status multi-select list.
  • CON-7870 and CON-7871 – Duration Field Not Tracking Elapsed Time after Document Submitted for eSignature.  After submitting a document for electronic signature using the eSignature Package Wizard, the Duration field for a Signer record in the Document Packages screen once again accurately reflects the amount of time that has elapsed since the document was sent to the signatory.
  • CON-7885 – Messaging Not Available for a Workflow Step When Using a Template that has a Communication Step as the First Step.  When users run the Workflow Wizard using a template that has a communication step as the first step, and also select the CC Workflow Owner option, they can once again use the Messaging feature in the first workflow step.  Previously, selecting the Send Message button in the workflow step displayed a Messaging screen that did not allow fields to be populated.  However, this error only presented in the Internet Explorer browser.
  • CON-7901 – Projects Link in Contract Profile Generates Error.  Users can once again click on the Projects link in a Contract Profile and be taken to the Projects screen instead of receiving an 'Error fetching data from server' message.
  • CON-7903 – Help Topics Not Available From Contract Profile Screen.  Online help is once again available for managing the information linked to a Contract Profile.  Help topics are accessed by selecting the Help button in the Action Bar of the Contract Profile screen, and then selecting a menu topic, such as documents, tasks, events, payments, people, addresses, additional forms, and messaging.
  • CON-7909 - Updating Contract Group Restrictions for Routing Table Overrides Original Restrictions.  Administrators can once again add contract group restrictions to a routing table, and then update the restrictions by adding an additional contract group without the original contract groups being removed.
  • CON-7915 – External Signatories Unable to Sign Document Electronically in Portal.  Individuals who do not have a Contracts login and use the Portal to perform program-related functions can once again provide their eSignature on a document without receiving a Service Error.
  • CON-7920 – One-Step Search Results Cannot Be Exported to Excel Spreadsheet.  Users can once again run a one-step search using the Search field in the Dashboard, and then export the Company and Contract results to an Excel spreadsheet by selecting the respective Export to Excel button.