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Conga Support

Composer Release 8.12.22 - October 28, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Adobe Sign ESSignatureGroup1 Parameter allows you to specify a Signer Group as a recipient.
  • Support for OneDrive as a file destination. Composer, Conga Batch, and Conga Trigger can send a final output document (or zip file) to the user's OneDrive repository.

Issues Resolved

  • Performance enhancements and internal bug fixes.
  • Conga Trigger dashboard now shows the correct status for failed operations.
  • Fixed error that occurred when saving refresh tokens in Conga Batch setup page and saving schedules.
    • This also corrects a browser caching issue that displayed an incorrect date when saving a new Conga Batch schedule.
  • Formatting fix to support picture switches for Number1 - Number4 in a Word doc.
  • Updated branding for Adobe Sign integration.
  • Fix for JSON integer issue.
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