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Composer Major Release - September 07, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • White-label the Composer UI with a custom logo: Customers and partners can now brand the Composer interface with their own logo. This feature is available in the Conga Composer Enterprise edition. Read more about white-labelling here.
  • Composer Templates are compatible with Salesforce Files: Conga Templates can now be stored in your Salesforce Content repository as a 'File'.
  • Support for Salesforce Work Order Object: Composer can now be launched from the new Salesforce object, Work Order.
  • Assemble Chatter Posts - multiple documents on one post: Composer can now save many files to a single Chatter post with the AssembleChatter parameter.
  • Decrease 'Analyzing Template(s)' process time for Composer: Code efficiencies were added with regard to Composer's Salesforce API interactions. This has resulted in a 15% decrease in merge duration as well as Salesforce API usage.
  • Separation of Conga Batch & Conga Trigger queues & core machines: Additional infrastructure was added to increase the stability and scalability of our automation products Conga Batch & Conga Trigger.

Issues Resolved

  • Conga Email Template namespace support for SDO
  • Output documents will not attach to Chatter after Composer's SFDC API update
  • Protect Core from NullReferenceExceptions which cause Core service to stop
  • Proper folder creation when using a file destination integration and the OFP parameter (for example BOX or Google Drive)
  • Services that pull from product queues will not unpause if told to pause for a number of seconds.
  • Relationship error when running a "nested select" query in Composer (Left-Outer Join SOQL)
  • API Mode for Adobe eSign is not sending the Agreement, only creates draft
  • Check that all record IDs for a Conga Batch batch are valid Salesforce IDs
  • API version 28.0 updated to API v37
  • PDF Date formatting bug
  • Remove carriage return in PostMe.js causing error
  • Server name in the Composer UI is cached after the first load
  • Revert validations slowing Conga Batch
  • Core service stopping on production servers
  • Hotfix memory leak
  • Formatting percentage incorrectly -- no longer multiply by 100
  • Inconsistent merge field naming convention regarding Opportunity fields with owner in name
  • Server Name not displaying or logging correctly - removing the number
  • Date fields returned as Date/Time +7hrs
  • OAuth login redirect for sandboxes
  • Updates to Legacy Products
  • Update of the .NET framework in order to support TLS 1.1 encryption protocol. This applies to ALL v7 products: Composer, Conga Batch, Conga Trigger, Conga Mail Merge, and Query Builder.
  • Subsequent Bug Fixes
    • C7: Locale currencies
    • C7: Unable to save files to chatter
    • C7: Scheduler with TLS
    • C7: Sanitize ServerUrl Parameter SQLi
    • C7: Runtime error - Selecting templates
    • C7: Error - String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
    • C7: Query Builder does not display Master fields
    • C7: Maximum URL Length
    • C7: Conga Batch Locale Scheduling issue
    • C7: Mail Merge - ignoring user locale when formatting values
    • C7: Mail Merge - retrieving all report folders from an org
    • C7: Mail Merge - parameters ignored
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