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Composer Release Version 8.11.27 - 08/03/2016

Build Version: 8.11.27

New Features and Enhancements

  • Now checks that all record IDs for a Conga Batch batch are valid Salesforce IDs.
  • Separation of Conga Batch & Conga Trigger queues and core machines.

Issues Resolved

  • Protect Core from NullReferenceExceptions which caused Core service to stop.
  • The proper folders are created when using a file destination integration and the OFP parameter - for example BOX or Google Drive.
  • Services that pull from product queues will not unpause if told to pause for a number of seconds.
  • Relationship error when running a "nested select" query in Composer (Left-Outer Join SOQL... for all my fellow nerds out there).
  • Decreased 'Analyzing Template(s)' process time for Composer.
  • API Mode for Adobe eSign is not sending the Agreement, only creates draft.
  • API version 28.0 being referenced in four places -- updated to API v37
  • PDF Date formatting bug: This bug pertains to using a single date element (only day or only month, for example Master.Opportunity_ClosedDate(Date MM) ) only in PDF templates.
  • Remove carriage return in PostMe.js causing error.
  • Server name in the Composer UI is cached after the first load.
  • Core service stopping on production servers.
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