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ActionGrid Release 1.74.6 - August 10, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • AG-886 - Editing Opportunity fields on Opportunity Products brings Error that was fixed.
  • AG-885 - An error in the Reading Pane console in FireFox was fixed.
  • AG-840 - An error in Quick Graphs console was fixed.
  • AG-839 - Exporting to Excel no longer throws an error.
  • AG-834 - Checking the radio button to create custom AG from Salesforce App/AGView works in the Quick Start wizard.
  • AG-794 - Selecting the See All link for column totals no longer throws an obsolete method error.
  • AG-785 - Converting reports containing the Starts With conditional operator on a TextArea Rich column no longer throws errors.
  • AG-784 - Converting reports containing the Contains and Doesnot Contain conditional operator on a TextArea Rich column no longer throws errors.
  • AG-783 - Converting reports containing the Does not Contain and Starts With conditional operator on a TextArea Long column no longer throws errors.
  • AG-782 - Converting reports containing the Starts With conditional operator on a Phone column no longer throws errors.
  • AG-781 -  Converting reports containing the Starts With conditional operator on an Email column no longer throws errors.
  • AG-780 - Converting reports containing Starts With conditional operator on text columns no longer throws errors.
  • AG-779 - Converting reports with Starts With conditional operator no longer throws Unsupported Operator Type errors.
  • AG-778 - Converting reports with Does not Contain conditional operator shows the expected amount of records in ActionGrid.
  • AG-777 - Converting reports with Contains conditional operator shows any records in ActionGrid.
  • AG-776 - Converting reports with Not Equals conditional operator for picklist field works properly.
  • AG-752 - The Report Converter handles time of date fields correctly.
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