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ActionGrid Release 1.71.9 - July 14, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • JIRA AG-670 - User can view a Tabular Report in ActionGrid.
  • JIRA AG-657 - User can create multiple List Views.
  • JIRA AG-656 - User can create multiple Related Lists.
  • JIRA AG-692  - A new wizard was created for workflows.
  • JIRA AG-715 - Users can use the Salesforce Lightning user interface with ActionGrid.

Issues Resolved

  • JIRA AG-802 - Exporting to Excel works on first attempt.
  • JIRA AG-719  - You can add a new record in Internet Explorer.
  • JIRA AG-796  - Collapse -/ toolbar appears properly.
  • JIRA AG-772  - ActionGrid Mini layout no longer disappears when you hover over it.
  • JIRA AG-771  - Renaming a quote Object's Opportunity Account name in column settings no longer generates an error.
  • JIRA AG-763  - Dragging Columns off the grid works properly.
  • JIRA AG-758  - Resizing the browser window resizes the smart filter window.
  • JIRA AG-748  - Exporting an Excel document no longer appends Javascript.
  • JIRA AG-744  - Date time Conversion Next 7 days issue in the report converter is fixed.
  • JIRA AG-743  - Date time Conversion 2 CY ago issue in the report converter is fixed.
  • JIRA AG-734  - The Save View button works in ActionGrid views when Edit Mode is disabled.
  • JIRA AG-719  - The Exclude Selected Values function works as expected.
  • JIRA AG-714  - Mass Update Tasks no longer send error to standard users.
  • JIRA AG-710  - Drill down to tasks return results for all users.
  • JIRA AG-688  - Expanding Configure no longer removes Account name field.
  • JIRA AG-678  - You can restrict inline editing when saving public read only views.
  • JIRA AG-625  - Reading Pane Related list Save View option saves changes.
  • JIRA AG-560  - Saving a View in ActionGrid comments properly in Internet Explorer.
  • JIRA AG-78  - Clicking inside the Billing State cell no longer turns keyboard focus keys on.
  • JIRA AG-57  - Save after Add In Place refreshes the grid.
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