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Conga Grid Release 1.62 - April 11, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • Conga Grid Quick Starts: Pre-built solutions to enhance your internal teams and provide immediate impact to your business.  Pre-built solutions include:
    • Sales
    • Sales Executive
    • Case Management
    • Salesforce Administrator
  • Enhanced Summary Reporting.
    • On grid reporting now allows multiple options for aggregation type - sum, average, min or max.
  • Larger Data Exports.
    • Use your existing Conga Grid views to export data - up to 1 million rows.
  • Edit Parental data from a single view.
    • Editable parental fields make it even easier to get all of the data you need in one view.  You can now view and edit parent records.
  • Increased Compose email limits.
    • Now send as many emails from Conga Grid as your API limit will allow.

Issues Resolved

The following issues have been resolved:

  • A picklist dependent on a checkbox does not show correctly on the grid.
  • Conga Grid in Salesforce1 app redirects to Salesforce Classic
  • Adding/Removing grouping closes the Reading Pane
  • Column name does not show in Filter Logic window
  • Conditional Formatting doesn't work when using the "Today" function
  • Copy and paste into Conga Grid fails for Filtered Lookups
  • Validation rules with Salesforce - Saving/Fixing data with multiple errors can duplicate existing records
  • Fix default grid load state of row selection with Quick Graphs
  • Detail Grid has an error when fields are clicked through
  • Unable to disable Save Views in Feature Security
  • Logged activity history will log emails on the object that the email field exists on, not the current object
  • Quick Graphs - Formula field and titles - should show the correct field name
  • Fixed report converter translation for 'include' operators
  • Rich text fields should not show script tags on the grid
  • Row selection clicking outside of check box does not work
  • Save View should always save view (regardless of other conditions)
  • Send Email is not working for Campaign Members
  • Toggling all groupings (when grouped in both main grid and Reading Pane) closes in child grid and main grid
  • Unable to paste from Excel when Formula Field exists on Grid
  • Using Column Settings a Related Column fails
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