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Conga Grid Release 1.59 - December 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • QuickGrids
    • Creating use case-based grids is easier than ever with QuickGrids. Set up a grid for Sales, Case Management, Salesforce Administrators or Account Management, transforming how your teams use data in Salesforce in just four easy steps.
    • You can access QuickGrids from the Quick Start tab. A known issue exists where the Quick Start tab is not visible in existing Conga Grid installations. Please see Conga Grid Quick Start Options for instructions on making this tab available.
  • Edit parental data
    • Although you could always add parental fields in Conga Grid, now you can make updates to parental data from the same view.
  • Improved Save View functionality
    • Instead of saving views automatically using the Save button, you will now be prompted with a notification on Save that your view has been updated with an option to quickly save the view.
  • Set additional required fields in Conga Grid
    • While Conga Grid respects all required fields from Salesforce, you can now set additional required fields using Conga Grid. These fields are saved in the Conga Grid View.

Issues Resolved

  • Users could not select the Owner field using a Spyglass lookup.
  • The Related Column for Opportunity Contact Role had incorrect links.
  • Users could not paste from Excel when a Formula Field exists.
  • Conga Grid was unresponsive if users did not select any tabs while using the Export tool to export tabs.
  • Conga Grid was unresponsive if users canceled Export Settings.
  • Conga Grid View prompted for unsaved changes on load.
  • Turkish users could not edit records inline.
  • Adding or removing Task related lists in the Reading Pane resulted in a data error.
  • Firefox browsers did not support pasting from Excel into Conga Grid.
  • Tabbing through empty cells on a parent grid incorrectly designated cells as dirty.
  • Add in Place caused dirty data to lose CSS styling.
  • Paste from Excel did not work while data were grouped.
  • The Composer action did not work from a child Conga Grid in the Reading Pane.
  • Copying and pasting data into child grids also pasted data into the main grid.
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