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ActionGrid Release 1.58.10 - October 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • A new ActionGrid Quick Start tab lets you quickly set up ActionGrid℠ using pre-configured templates or by importing existing Salesforce® data from your organization. These options were designed for new ActionGrid or Salesforce users who are not familiar with configuring ActionGrid. Two options are available:
    • Quick Grid Templates: This option creates an ActionGrid layout based on one of four common roles: Sales, Case Management, Account Management, and Salesforce Admin. The layout includes tabs and object views that are unique to that role. For example, the Account Management template creates an ActionGrid view based on the Account object, with a Multi-Tabular grid in a Reading Pane with tabs for Opportunities, Contacts, Cases, and others.
    • Import From Existing Salesforce: This option creates an ActionGrid layout based on existing Salesforce apps, list views, reports, or commonly used objects.
  • You can enable the Salesforce Lightning® Experience in ActionGrid. See Configure ActionGrid for Lightning.
  • New keyboard shortcuts are available.
    • Press CTRL+[ or CTRL+] to traverse between parent and child grids.
  • The Filter Logic screen has a new Scope drop-down list that limits filtering results by the filterScope metadata API field.

Issues Resolved

  • Conditional formatting works with formula fields.
  • The Related Column filter in the Configure menu works correctly.
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