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Conga Grid Release 1.49.143 - March 2016

New Features / Enhancements

Relabel Column Headers

Right-click on a column header and select Relabel Column. You can use this to shorten long column names to maximize the number of columns displayed in Conga Grid.

Use the Search field in the toolbar to search all fields for a specific keyword, for the current object. See Search Records for details on how the search field works.

View in Full Screen

Click the Full Screen toggle button to view a Conga Grid without Salesforce headers and footers. If you click this button on a page layout, it will display in a new browser tab.

Batch Add Campaign Member

This action is now native to Conga Grid; you do not need to install the Campaign Member Loader app separately.

Cirrus Inbox Integration

Conga Grid works in conjunction with the Cirrus Insight app to provide an effective email and activity management experience.

New Features for the Users Object

Batch Add - AG License and Batch Add - Permission Sets features are now available for the Users object. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Conga Grid Setup.
  2. Select the User object from the object list.
  3. Click the User Features tab.
  4. Select to EnableDisable, or Inherit the new features.

Footers Displayed when Grouping Numeric Fields

Grouping by numeric fields will display footers that sum the numeric values, for example:

Issues Resolved

The "VisualForce Page Created" dialog has more intuitive links and buttons.

The Reading Pane button is separate from Configure in the toolbar groups.

Hover help is native to Conga Grid. "Sticky" hover help issues have been resolved.

Edits no longer inadvertantly mark views as "dirty."

Column widths save correctly for Formula Fields.

The Select All checkbox works correctly in related lists.

Date/time fields no longer display as "NaN" in Safari browsers.

The spyglass lookup tool works correctly in Safari browsers.

Buttons are colored blue instead of white, when you click drop-down menu items in the toolbar.

The Ctrl-Shift-S hotkey correctly saves a view when the cursor was previously focused on the header.

Collapsed toolbars are retained when a view is saved.

Tab stops work correctly in columns that were frozen.

Non-administrative users could not access custom actions via the Actions button.

Creating Tasks under an Account now filters by AccountID instead of WhatID.

Contact grids created with the auto tab wizard now have separate First Name/Last Name instead of Full Name for easier inline editing.

The Related List wizard considers items in the Recycle Bin for naming purposes.

Mange Views works correctly in a page layout container that is less than 500 pixels tall.

Frozen columns no longer misalign the Conga Grid when you display the Reading Pane.

Batch Add tasks work correctly for Person Accounts.

Conga Grid correctly exports settings even when no custom actions are defined.
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