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Conga Grid RELEASE 1.49.108 - February 2016

New Features / Enhancements

Redesigned Toolbar

Menu items have been moved into more logical groups for data actions, views, and grid configuration.

You can rearrange the groups by clicking and dragging them to a new location:

Or, disable them entirely using a new Toolbar menu in the sidebar:

MultiTab Auto-Creator

A single-click method now exists to:

  • Read all the related lists of a specified Page Layout 
  • Create a multi-tab Conga Grid of all the related lists and preserve the exact columns defined on those layouts 

It’s never been easier to add value to the end user experience by using Conga Grid for all your related lists: 

"Configure" Button

The following menu items reside under the new Configure button:

Batch Edit Menu Option

The Actions Edit menu was renamed to Batch Edit. The Find/Replace and Mass Update actions reside here.

Configure Sidebar

Any viewable item in the Conga Grid (such as object fields or the Reading Pane) can now be configured in the sidebar. The sidebar previously was reserved for field selection only. You can configure Conga Grid in one location now.

Collapsible Toolbar

The Toolbar is now collapsible, allowing for more screen space to display the Conga Grid. Click the arrow icon to collapse or expand the Toolbar.

You can save this state in sticky views and the Save View dialog.

Visualforce Option for Reading Pane selection

Visualforce pages that have the Standard Controller set for the master object in the Conga Grid now appear as options to display in the Reading Pane as new tabs. This allows you to:

  • Include powerful integrations to other apps
  • Create Visualforce pages to edit parent and grandparent data
  • Do much more!

New Conga Grid Setup Interface

A new tabular design makes configuration of Conga Grid easier and more intuitive.

"New View" Option

The Toolbar contains links for New ViewSave View, and Manage Views. The New View option lets you easily create new views.

Edit Mode On by Default

Edit mode is now enabled by default for all grids, unless it was intentionally disabled in a previously saved view.

Editing Long Text Fields

You can edit long text fields more effectively in inline edit mode.

Drill Up/Down Results

Results display in a new browser tab.

Reorder Conditional Formatting Rules

You can reorder Conditional Formatting rules so that one rule can take precedence over others.

"Filter Logic" Option

The Filter Logic menu option replaces the former Show Filter option. Filter Logic applies the same advanced filter logic to the grid (allowing multi-column And/Or logic, just like in Salesforce list views).

New Date Operators

Date operators are now supported in Conditional Formatting and Formula Fields. Defining these operators in previous versions involved writing Javascript code.

Updates to Field Chooser

Selecting a field now automatically clears the search and expands parent nodes. Other issues with searching the Field Chooser have been fixed.

Click to Dial Apps

Apps such as RingCentral and Live Ops work natively in Conga Grid. You must login to a CTI application using the sidebar, just like in Salesforce.

Read-only Objects Supported

Read-only objects such as Activities are now supported.

Issues Resolved

The Formula Editor now shows Field Labels instead of API names.
When removing the Action column, the first column no longer freezes.
Success and Information dialogs appear as pop-ups in the lower-right corner.
Formula Fields are right-aligned for numeric and currency data types.
A "Contains" search works correctly when searching lookup fields during inline editing.
Inline editing is more intuitive for Opportunity Product details. Previous versions respected the Salesforce logic, which is not intuitive for most users. See Opportunity Product Details for details.
Polymorphic lookup filters correctly display Smart Filters.
The Manage Views dialog is wider and taller than in previous versions.
The return URL is correctly set when clicking the Edit hyperlink in any row. In previous versions, saving or canceling in a record would take you to the Home page rather than the non-edit state of that record.
The Select All > Export to Excel function now exports all records that match the filter criteria beyond the 1,000-page limit in Excel.
Date filters no longer clear out values or set the dates back by one day.
Attempting to use Find/Replace in non-edit mode now displays a warning prompt.
Hover help is disabled in Lightning Experience to avoid a known log-out bug.
Disabling the Lookup field in Conga Grid Setup works correctly; the Lookup field no longer appears in the Mass Update dialog.
Removing a Child Conga Grid field no longer loses its place in the main grid.
The Action column and checkbox can no longer be re-ordered.
Sorting a column no longer deletes new add-in-place rows.
Frozen columns are editable and respect conditional formatting.
The "Collaborate" label is now "Chatter."
The Mass Update action shows the correct number of rows that were updated.
The Mass Update action respects Campaign Member Status values.
Performance is faster when a large number of Record Types are defined in the grid.
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