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Salesforce Submit Case Form

Winter17 Specific Case Submission Form

The Conga QA, Development, and Support Teams are currently testing the Conga suite of products in Winter17 pre-release Orgs.  If your organization comes across any specific bugs or questions, please use this form to send directly to Conga.

Note that Conga is a Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner and we have direct access to the Partner Community to escalate bug issues on behalf of our Clients as needed.

Please let us know if there is anything additional Conga can do to help support the Winter17 transition.


Please include information specific to the product for which you are submitting a case.  The information you provide allows our Business Analysts to pinpoint the problem quickly and get you back to being a superstar.

Conga Grid

  • Your Salesforce edition (Enterprise, Professional, etc.)

  • Which feature(s) you are having trouble with (Mass Update, Save, Views, etc.)

  • A screenshot of any errors


  • A Debug URL. [show instructions]

  • A copy of the text in the Composer button URL / formula field.

  • A copy of the View Data Workbook (.xls format). [show instructions]

  • A copy of any templates, both blank and with output, if applicable.

  • Screenshots of any error messages.

  • Additionally, if the user reporting the issue is not a System Admin, then the System Admin must be able to log in as the user in order to see and duplicate the problem.


  • In the Description field (along with the details of your case), please let us know the following:

    • Are you a Novatus Administrator?

    • What web browser are you using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari)?

    • What version of Novatus are you running?

    • When did the issue begin to occur and is it consistent?

    • Is the issue happening to one user or multiple users?

  • If you are receiving an error message, please attach a screenshot.

All fields are required

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