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How to add a Conductor Mass Action to a Skuid List View


Have you wanted to utilize Conductor within your Skuid table? Are you looking to select the records dynamically to send to Conductor without leaving the Skuid page? This solution allows the user to select records from a table and pass to Conductor through a mass action.


Integration of Conga Conductor and custom Skuid pages. Provide the ability to generate a batch of documents based on the users input.


Use the Conductor list view example as a starting point and update with Skuid global variables to create the JavaScript snippet. With the idArray, session and server variables updated, paste the JavaScript into a new snippet within your Skuid page.

Now that the JavaScript snippet is created, you can click on your table, add the mass action and reference your snippet.

Now when the user is selecting the records from the list view, they will have a new mass update option available in the drop down.

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