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How to Auto Select Recipients with Conga and DocuSign

INTRO: Have you ever had a related list in Salesforce (Contacts?) that you’d like to utilize and make the signers in DocuSign dynamically? This solution will automatically populate your DocuSign envelope and your template dynamically based on how many contacts are in your related list with one click on a button. (Note: there is a limit of 6 signers for this use case).

THE NEED: The ability to create a completely dynamic end to end solution based on a related list utilizing Conga Composer and DocuSign.

THE SOLUTION: Out of the box Conga Composer functionality and DocuSign Integration Parameters were used to populate both the DocuSign Envelope and Conga Composer Template.

Here is an example of a related list on my Opportunity Object. Based on this list, I’d like all of these people to be the signers in my end to end solution.

The output produces both your Docusign Envelope and Conga Template with the values from that related list at one click of a button.