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How Conga Grid Streamlined Conga’s Sales Operations


We have been using our current Salesforce org for 10 years. Over these years we have accumulated a number of fields and objects that are important, but complicate our layouts. As a growing company this made it harder to scale and train a rapidly growing team! Our solution was to utilize Conga Grid to simplify our processes and let our teams focus on customer and partners verse data input!

The Need:

Our first team to start using Conga Grid was our Sales team to help manage their pipelines and inputs data for new customers. Before AG was implemented our reps would start from a report or list view, navigate to an account, make updates, drill down to contacts, add and update, back to the account, down to opportunity, update, down again the products and finally contact roles. The entire process took us to at least 11 different Salesforce pages and we usually lost our starting point!

The Solution:

Our reps now work from a custom tab that includes all their pipelines using a Conga Grid list views. Along with these lists they have the AG Reading Pane so they can see and edit all the fields from all the objects they need, all on one page. These Reading Panes are configured to display only the fields from each object that are relevant for this phase of the subscription to simplify the view. The new process is now incredibly simple and streamlined, only taking about ⅓ of the time and our reps are putting more and better data in Salesforce!

Example shows the view our sales team works from: List view (left) and Reading Pane (right)

Example showing an edit to the Opportunity through the Reading Pane

Want to see a demo of Conga Grid contact us at or go to the AppExchange and install it today.