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Conga Support

Customizing Conga Sign Emails

You can customize and brand your company email templates to provide a professional business experience to the recipients. You can also customize the body text of Conga Sign emails sent to recipient when you send a Conga Sign Transaction.

If you need a document to be signed, the email the signer receives can have specified text. Additional details were added to the Sent Email body so your users can more easily identify and confirm information associated with the transaction. The email body is defined. The document name is bolded and includes a list of recipients to whom the transaction email is sent.

  There is a 50,000 character limit for Conga Sign's Email Body and 1,000 character limit for Conga Sign's Email Subject. 

To customize emails:

  1. Navigate to the Conga Sign Setup tab > Email Configuration.
  2. Now add all the Signing Invitation email information you require and click Save.


Both the original Signer and Requester receive Re-assigned Requester email notifications. Error messages were updated to explain to users who attempt to re-assign Signer after previous successful re-assignment. The error message states: This document has already been re-assigned to a new Signer. Each Signer can only re-assign to a new Signer once.