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Conga Sign Parameters


Conga Sign can be customized by adding or enabling parameters. 

 There is a separate set of integration parameters when using Conga Sign with Composer. For more information, see Conga Sign Integration Parameters


Name Description

A string for a datetime in ISO format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z'

for example: '2018-01-10T14:42:19.000Z'

documentID A ContentDocument ID that automatically selects a document on the screen.

A string with a limit 50000 characters. 

Add parameter emailMessage (string, max length 50000) that defaults the message field in the email section.


A string for a datetime in UTC format.

Add parameter expires (ISO8601 date) that defaults the transaction expires field in the notification section


A string for a datetime in UTC format. 

Add parameter expirationReminder (ISO8601 date) that defaults the expiration reminder in the notifications section


A string with a limit of 1000 characters.

Add parameter emailSubject (string, max length 1000) that defaults the subject field in the email section.


A number which is a positive integer. 

Add parameter reminder (integer) that defaults the request reminder field in the notification section


A string for a Contact, Lead or User Salesforce Id.

Recipients 1 through 10 to assign to the transaction.

If any recipients are skipped the resulting list is squashed - i.e. if only recipient 3 and 5 are set they show up as 1 and 2 in the UI.


A string for recipient role; either signer or cc.

Role for recipients 1 through 10 to assign to the respective recipients in the transaction. 

Optional: Default role to signer. Is only used if the recipient is set through the parameter.


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