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Write Back tags FAQs and Tips

Frequently Asked Questions and tips

Conga Sign Write Back functionality uses Conga Sign tags to configure and map standard and custom Salesforce fields in documents. The information added by signers is sent directly to Salesforce and records are updated. 

Can I make a write back tag optional?

Yes. From the Write Back Configuration screen, each write back field has a set of properties and can be made optional or required for the signer.

Does write back support picklists?
 No. Write back does not yet support picklists. The supported field types are text, number, email, phone, checkbox and URL.
Does write back support checkboxes?
 Yes. Write back supports checkbox fields in addition to text, number, email, phone, and URL field types.
Can I assign a single write back tag to multiple signers?

No. To eliminate potential conflicts with multiple signers responding to the same request for information, each write back tag can only be assigned to one signer. Determine who the best person is to provide the necessary information, and assign the tag to them.

When does the data entered in a write back tag update in Salesforce?

Data entered into a write back tag is reflected in Salesforce once the Conga Sign Transaction is complete. All signers must complete their assigned portions of the Conga Sign Transaction before the write back tag's value is reflected in Salesforce. 

Does Conga Sign Write Back support any languages other than English?

No. Conga Sign only supports English in its current state.