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Creating a Process Definition (PCE - Definition)

To create a PCE - Definition:

  1. Click the PCE - Definitions tab.
  2. Select the New button.
  3. Complete the following fields:

    1. Information Section:

      • PCE - Definition Name - Enter the name for this definition template
      • Is Active - Select the check box to make the process active after creating the definition.
      • Object Name - select Campaign, Case, Contract, Lead, Opportunity or Business Process in the list. See Process Objects for additional information.

      • Note: See Using a Custom Object as a Process Object to use your own object.

      • Object Record Type - select an available record type based on the selection made in the Object Name list, or click the Create Record Type link to create a new record type.
      • Categories - Select the field(s) used to categorize the definition.
        • Click one or more fields in the Available list box and then click the Add Icon.png icon to add your selections to the Chosen list box.
          • Use the Remove Icon.png icon to remove chosen fields.
      • (Optional) Owner - Change the default selection if you want another user to be the owner of the definition template.
    2. Definition Criteria Section:
      • (Optional) Select the Add PCE - Definition Criteria link to enter additonal criteria that must be met for the process to run after the rules are met.
    3. Description Section:
      • Description - Enter a description for the process definition.
        • Use the Toolbar to add formatting to the description. You can also insert an image or add a link.

    4. Select the Save button.

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