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Customizing the Process Object Lookup Field (Tasks)

By default, Conga Orchestrate uses the ‘Related To’ (WhatId) field on a Task to relate it to a Business Process (or other process object). Alternatively, Conga Orchestrate can now use a custom lookup field instead. Use this functionality if you want to relate Conga Orchestrate-generated Tasks to another standard or custom object using the ‘Related To’ field.

When we first developed Conga Orchestrate, Salesforce didn’t allow custom lookup fields on activities, so we needed to utilize the ‘Related To’ field for the process object record in order for our functionality to work properly. Now that Salesforce allows custom lookup fields on activities, you can relate Conga Orchestrate-generated Tasks to Accounts (or any other standard or custom object via the ‘Related To’ field), Contacts (via the ‘Name’ field), and the process object (via a new lookup field you’ll create using the setup instructions below).

 If you use multiple process objects, you will need to repeat steps 1-9 for every process object you use.

  1. In Setup, use the Quick Find and type Activity Custom Fields.
  2. Select the New button.
  3. Select Lookup Relationship.
  4. Select the Process Object (Business Process, Case, Lead, etc).
  5. Enter the Label and Name for the lookup field.

     The Field Name and Object API Name for use in the next step. If using a Business Process object lookup, set this field’s API Name differently from the Business Process object’s API name. For example, use ‘BP’ for the API name (something other than ‘business_process’). The Label can be anything you’d like.

  6. Navigate to the Conga Orchestrate Setup tab.
  7. Click Custom Activity Lookup on the left.
  8. Click the Task Steps: Custom Process Object Lookup field and select the new lookup fields.
  9. OPTIONAL: Once a custom lookup field is specified, Conga Orchestrate will populate the Task’s ‘Related To’ field with the Process Object’s Related Account. To specify a different field to pass through from the process object, specify that field’s API Name in the Task Steps: Related To Passthrough Field.
  10. Click Save at the top of the Custom Activity Lookup page.
  11. Navigate to Salesforce Setup and remove the Open Activities and Activity History related lists from the Process Object’s page layouts.
  12. Add the new Activities related list to the Process Object’s page layouts.