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Default PCE - Team Members

This functionality allows you to specify Default PCE - Team Members for all Accounts owned by a given Account Owner (User).

  1. Navigate to the PCE - Default Teams tab.
  2. Choose the Account Owner using the lookup button to select the user who is an owner of Account records.
  3. Add Team Members in the PCE - Default Team Members section as desired by using the lookup button.
  4. Select the Team Role for each user. You can add, change, or remove the Team Role picklist values in the PCE - Team Members object. To set up PCE -Team Member Roles:


    1. In Setup, use the Quick Find and type Objects. Select the Object Manager (or Objects in Salesforce Classic).
    2. Select PCE - Team Member.
    3. Select the Team Role field.
    4. Add or Edit any roles needed.
    5. See Editing Account Page Layouts For Roles to add the PCE - Team Member related list to your account page layouts.
  5. Once you have added the Team Members, determine if you want to apply the team you’ve configured to all Accounts owned by the selected user by selecting the ‘On Save, Automatically Assigned Default Team Members’ checkbox.
  6. Click Save.

Now when a new Account is created and is owned by this user, their Default PCE - Team will populate with these Team Members and Team Roles. Assign PCE - Steps within your PCE - Definitions to PCE - Team Members by choosing “Role” as the Assignee Type.

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