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Viewing a Scorecard Profile

A Scorecard Profile provides basic information on the scorecard, including the "members" who have been assigned to complete it and the date on which it was made available to members. The profile also allows you to view the responses each member has made to the scorecard questions.

The Scorecard Profile is viewed from the Scorecards browse screen in a Contract Profile, Company Profile, and Project Profile.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to viewing a Scorecard Profile in a Company Profile and Project Profile.


Scorecards link

Click to display the Scorecards browse screen. The link is appended by a number, indicating the number of scorecards contained in the profile.

Note: If the Scorecards link is not present, you do not have the permission to use this feature.


Scorecard records

Locate the scorecard you want to view, and click on it to display its profile.


Member records

View the list of people who were assigned to complete the scorecard, along with the scores that were calculated based on their responses to scorecard questions. If a person's Score field does not contain a value, that person has not yet completed the scorecard.


Go To icon

To display a scorecard, click the icon to be directed to the Scorecard screen where you can complete the scorecard or edit it. This icon only displays for your scorecard since you cannot complete or edit the scorecards of others.


Delete icon

To delete a scorecard, click on its Icon Delete icon.


Member record

Click on a member record to view the responses that person made to each of the scorecard questions.


Scorecard questions and responses

View the scorecard questions and the person's responses.


Value field

View the numeric value assigned to each response.

Note: A 1-5 rating system is used for all questions and the Novatus system translates the sum of these values into a percentage rating. In the example shown, the total possible score was 20 (5 points x 4 questions), but the member only rated the product an 11 (4 + 3 + 3 + 1), so the score for this member's scorecard is 55% (11/20).


Add Scorecard Member button

Click to assign the scorecard to another person for completion.


Change Scorecard Start Date button

Click to change the date on which the scorecard will be emailed to the people selected to complete the scorecard.


Archive Object Scorecard button

Click to archive the scorecard so that it is no longer available to users.