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Sharing a (Global) Report

All of the reports you create are capable of being shared with other program users. When you share a report, it is categorized as a "global report" in the Novatus system. Sharing reports not only saves time and resources, but also ensures that the reports generated by your department or organization are standardized.

Report global


Navigation Toolbar

Click on Reports to display a menu, and then select Reports to display the Report Browse screen.

Note: If Reports is not in your Navigation Toolbar, you do not have any Reporting permissions.


Report record

Locate the report you want to share with other users.

Note: Reports are grouped in categories, which can be collapsed by clicking on the icon or expanded by clicking on the icon.


Search option

To quickly locate a report, type the first few letters of the report name in the Search field, and depress the Enter key on your keyboard. To clear the search results, click on the icon.


Global icon

Click the icon for the report to display a Confirmation prompt.


Yes button

Select to automatically add this report to the Report Browse screen of every user. The report displays under Report Group: Global Reports in your Report Browse screen, as well as the Browse screen of all other program users.

Note: If you want to reverse the procedure, simply locate and select the report in the Global Report group, and then click its icon. Select Yes in the Confirmation prompt to remove the report from the Report Browse screen of other users.

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