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Updating a Report Filter

Users can quickly and easily update the filter for a report that has been created using the Report Wizard without stepping through all seven screens in the wizard.

Rpt Filter1


Navigation Toolbar

Click on Reports to display a menu, and then select Reports to display the Report Browse screen.

Note: If Reports is not in your Navigation Toolbar, you do not have any Reporting permissions.


User Reports list

Ensure your name is selected in the list. You cannot edit the report filters of another user.


Report record

Locate the report record whose filter you want to edit, and click on it to select it.

Note: To quickly locate a report, enter the first few letters of the report name or other identifier in the Search field, and depress the Enter key on your keyboard. To clear the filter, click on the Icon Search Clear icon.


Edit Report button

Click to launch the Report Wizard,  and immediately navigate to the Filters screen.

Rpt Filter2


Filter record

Make the appropriate updates to the filter by making another selection in the list or populating the field with different text or another value.


Remove Filter icon

If you want to remove a filter, click on its Icon Delete icon.


Show All Records check box

Select if you want to show all the report records and not use the Filter option.


Next button

Click to proceed to the end of the Report Wizard.

Rpt Filter3


Finish button

Click to update the report filter(s) and exit the Report Wizard.