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Running a Company One-Click Report

The Company One-Click Report is generated from a Company Profile and provides a summary of the key data for the company.


Company Profile

Open the Company Profile for the company that needs the One-Click Report.


One Click Report button

Click to display a summary report of the information stored in the Company Profile.

The following is a sample of a Company One-Click Report. In addition to the Company and People categories, the report also provides information on company Locations, Documents, Tasks, Events, and any Dynamic Forms attached to the Company Profile. A report showing Information on the company's contracts is displayed in individual contract reports using One-Click Contract Report the feature.

Note: Use the Download as Excel button to display an Opening window, which will allow you to download a copy of the report or launch the Excel application and display the report information in a spreadsheet. However, based on the browser you are using, the Opening window may not display and the procedure for downloading a copy of the report may be different.