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Invalidating a Flow

A flow automatically displays when you add a Contract, Company, or Project Profile to the Novatus system and an Administrator has linked a flow to the type of profile you are adding. However, you can invalidate the flow so that it is permanently removed from the profile.

A flow is invalidated from a Contract Profile, Company Profile, or Project Profile.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to invalidating a flow in a Company Profile and Project Profile.


Flow Options icon

Click on the icon to display a menu with four options: Invalidate Flow, Show Activity Grid, Show Flow Diagram and Manage Flow Documents.


Invalidate Flow option

Click to display an Invalidate Flow confirmation prompt.


Yes option

Select to remove the flow from the profile and display a Flow Invalidated message.


OK button

Click to acknowledge the invalidation of the flow.

The flow is removed from the profile.

Note: If any of the steps in the flow were completed before the flow was inactivated, you can view this activity by selecting the Workflows button in the toolbar, and then selecting the Flows tab in the Workflows browse screen.