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Sending a Message for a Workflow Step

A workflow step that allows an email message to be sent directly from the step is a communication step. The email message can be sent to any person listed in the Address Book.

  There are two other types of workflow steps: (1) Action step, which the step owner "completes" after they have accomplished the action or task named in the step, and (2) Approval step, which the step owner "completes" by approving or declining the workflow step. Once all the steps in a workflow are completed,Novatus moves the workflow from the Active Workflows view to the Completed Workflows view in the Workflows browse screen.

A message is sent for a workflow step from the Workflows browse screen in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile. A workflow step message can also be sent from your Active Workflow Items Portlet in the Dashboard by clicking on the step's expand icon , and then clicking the Send Message button.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to sending a message for a workflow step in a Company Profile and Project Profile.


Workflows button

Click to display the Workflows browse screen, which displays inside the Workflow Profile.


Workflow records

Locate the workflow containing the communication step, and click on it to refresh the screen.

Note: Ensure the Active Workflows tab (default view) is selected.


Workflow Step

Locate the step from which you want to send a message.


Expand icon

Click on the step's toggle icon to display the Send Message button.

Important: If the Send Message button is not present, and the step contains the icon, this is an action step. If the step contains the icon and  icon, this is an approval step.


Send Message button

Click to display the Messaging window.

Note: If you want to complete the step without sending an email message, click on the step's icon. When the Item Complete prompt displays, enter your notes on completing the step, and click Submit.


Message To field

Click on the list arrow to display the Address Book, and select all the recipients for the email message. Recipients can be individuals or a distribution list.

Note: You can also click in the field and type the first few characters of an email address, or a distribution list name, directly into the field to display a list of possible matches. Click on the correct match to populate the field.


Message CC field

Click on the list arrow to display the Address Book, and select the individuals or distribution list you want to be copied on the message. By default, you will receive a copy of the email message.


Subject field

Enter a subject for the email message.


Email Body text box

Enter your message in the text box.


Formatting Toolbar

Use the formatting options to enhance the text in your message.

Note: The Formats button displays four menus containing formatting options for Headings (to add different heading levels), Inline (to enhance text by using underlining, subscripts, superscripts, and strikethrough features), Blocks (to indent paragraphs of text), and Alignment (to change text alignment).


Attach Document button


Click if you want to attach a document to the email message. An Attach Document window displays.

If you do not want to attach a document, proceed to Step O.

Note: Any document that you want to attach must already be uploaded to Novatus.


Document record


Locate the document you want to attach to the email message, and click on it to select it. If you want to attach more than one document, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking on additional documents.

Note: If the document you need is not listed, click on the Global Documents tab to view a list of other documents that can be added as an attachment. If you are sending a message from a Contract Profile, click on the Company Documents tab to view a list of documents uploaded to the Company Profile.


Attach Selected Document button

Click to attach the document to the email message, and close the window.


Attachments field

Verify that the documents(s) you selected in the Attach Document window have been attached to your email message.


Send button

Click to send the email message for the workflow step. A prompt displays, confirming that the message was sent successfully.


Expand icon

Click on the toggle icon for the communication step to display information for the message.


Message information

Verify that the recipient list is correct and the content of your message is accurate.


Complete icon

Click on the icon to display an Item Complete prompt.


Step Completion Notes field

Enter notes on how or why you closed the step. This information will be sent to the members of your Workflow Team.


Submit button

Click to submit your notes and complete the step.