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Approving a Workflow Step

A workflow step that needs to be approved may require the approval of a single individual or more than one person. If the step is approved, the workflow continues to the next step. If the step is declined, the person who withheld approval provides the reason, and the workflow returns to a previous step. Based on the reason provided, adjustments can be made, allowing the step to be resubmitted for approval.

  If the approval step is a parallel approval, any of the people assigned to the step can approve (or decline) it. Once a person approves (or declines) the step, a system email is sent to the other approvers, advising them that the step has already been completed.

A workflow step can be approved (or declined) from three locations:

  • Workflows browse screen in a Contract Profile, Company Profile, or Project Profile, as shown below.
  • Active Workflow Items Portlet in the Dashboard by clicking on the step's approve icon or decline icon. When the Item Complete prompt displays, enter your notes for approving or declining the step, and click Submit. From the portlet, you can also access the Workflows browse screen to complete the step by clicking on the workflow record.
  • Email Message sent from Novatus with a subject line of Workflow Approval Required. From the email message, click Icon ApproveEM or Icon DeclineEM to approve/decline the step. When the reply email message screen displays with Approve Workflow Step (or Decline Workflow Step) as the subject, and "Approved" (or "Declined") in the body of the email message, click Send. If you want to add additional text to the body of the email message, make sure you do not remove the word "Approved" (or "Declined") from the message or the email will not be sent, and the step will not be approved/declined. From the email message, you can also select the Go To Workflow link to approve/decline the step from Novatus Contracts once you login to the program.

   Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to approving (or declining) a workflow step in a Company Profile and Project Profile.



Workflows button

Click to display the Workflows browse screen, which displays inside the Workflow Profile.



Workflow records

Locate the workflow containing the step that needs approval, and click on it to refresh the screen.

Note: Ensure the Active Workflows tab (default view) is selected.



Workflow Step

Locate the step that needs your approval. An approval step contains the and icons.


Approve icon

  • If you want to approve the step, click on the  icon. The Item Complete prompt displays.
  • If you want to decline the step, proceed to Step F.

Note: If the icon is present, you can reassign the step.


Item Complete prompt

Click Submit if the default "Approved" message is sufficient. If you want to add your own notes, click in the Step Completion Notes field and enter your information before clicking Submit.


Decline icon

Click on the icon to decline the workflow step. The Item Complete prompt displays.


Item Complete prompt

Enter your reason for declining approval of the step, and click Submit.