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Receiving Email for a Workflow Step

Once a workflow is created using the Workflow Wizard, Novatus sends an email to the owner of each workflow step to let them know they are responsible for completing the step.  The email contains a link that allows the step own to complete (or approve/decline) the step from the message, as well as links to the Workflow, Contract, and Company Profiles in Novatus. 

The workflow steps that you need to complete can also be accessed by selecting the My Steps tab in the Active Workflow Items portlet in your Dashboard.

1.  Open the email message sent from Novatus Workflow.

2.  (Optional) From the email message, you can follow the Profile links to obtain additional information before completing or approving the workflow step:

  • Go To Workflow - displays the Workflow Profile and the individual steps in the workflow.
  • Go To Contract - displays the Contract Profile with links to other information, including uploaded documents.
  • Go to Company - displays the Company Profile with links to other information, including company contacts.

3.  From the email message, complete the step by clicking:

  • Icon Complete2 link for an action or a communication step.
  • Icon ApproveEM or Icon DeclineEM link for an approval step.