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Locating a Workflow

There are three ways to locate a workflow:

Search Query

1.  Click Search in the Navigation Toolbar, and select the Search Query link in the menu.

2.  In the Query Info view of  the screen, click New in the toolbar.

3.  When the screen refreshes, set up one of the following hierarchies in the Result Type list to search for a contract, company, or project workflow:

  • Company→Contract→Workflow
  • Company→Workflow
  • Project→Company→Workflow or Project→Contract→Workflow

You can also drill down another level and search for a workflow step.

4.  In the Criteria section, select the search hierarchy for the contract, company, or project workflow in the field list:

  • Company→Contract→Workflow→Workflow Name
  • Company→Contract→Workflow→Workflow Name
  • Project→Company→Workflow→Workflow Name or Project→Contract→Workflow→Workflow Name

You can also search for a workflow by the owner, description, and dates related to the workflow, as well as locate both active and completed workflows.  For workflow steps, you can search by name, description, type, and several workflow activities, including status and completion information.

5.  In the Criteria section:

6.  Click Execute in the toolbar to run the query.

7.  When the Results view of the screen displays, review the search results.

8.  Click on a search record to be directed to the Contract, Company, or Project Profile containing the workflow.

9.  Click on Workflows in the toolbar of the Contract or Company Profile, or the Workflows link in the Project Profile, to displays the workflow(s) for the profile.

Active Workflow Items Portlet

Using the four workflow views in the portlet, you can locate the workflows you have created, as well as those that include you as a team member.  You can also locate the workflow steps that have been assigned to you for completion, and link to the Profile containing workflow.  When you are assigned to a workflow step, you are the step owner and you must complete the step, or reassign it, if permitted.

1.  From the Active Workflow Items portlet, locate the workflow steps you are responsible for completing by scrolling through the list.

The default view is My Steps, but you can click the My Team Workflows, My Workflows, or the My Workflow Steps tab.  The My Workflows view shows the workflows that you have created, and the My Team Workflows view shows the workflows that include you as a team member. The My Workflow Steps tab shows the workflow steps that you assigned to yourself when you created a workflow.

2.  Click Icon Go To.png to link to the Profile containing the workflow associated with the step.


Workflow Profile or Workflows Screen

1.  Open the Company, Contract, or Project Profile containing the workflow.

2.  In the Contract or Company Profile, click Workflows in the toolbar.

  • In the Project Profile, click the Workflows link.

3.  In the Workflows section of the contract and company Workflow Profile, click on a workflow record to refresh the screen and display the steps in the workflow.  In the Project Profile, click on the workflow in the Workflows screen.