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Workflows Overview

The Workflows feature allows you to follow your company's standard business practices for contracts, companies, and projects using a wizard and templates that define the steps in the business practice for you.

Using the Workflow Wizard, you can add a workflow to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile by selecting the appropriate template and then choosing a workflow team. The template identifies the steps in the business practice and the team is comprised of individuals who have the ability to perform the tasks defined in the workflow steps. The team member assigned to the first step in a workflow is notified via email that they are required to complete the step. After they complete the step, the other team members are notified via email. Novatus then sends an email to the "owner" of the next step, and the process continues until all workflow steps have been completed. Once the workflow is completed, Novatus moves the workflow from the "active" view in the Workflows browse screen to the "completed" view.

A workflow may contain a "communication" step that allows members of the team to correspond via email. A workflow that contains an "approval" step may require the consent of a single approver; however, if two or more approvals are required, a routing table is used to designate the order in which approvals must be obtained. Documents stored in the Profile are available for use with any workflow step.

  A Task List is a simplified version of a workflow in that messaging is not available for individual steps and none of the steps can be approved. Therefore, it is recommended that you review both the Workflow and Task List features to determine which option better suits your needs.

You can perform the following tasks related to a contract, company, and project workflow:

Although the linked tasks below were written for a workflow added to a Contract Profile, the steps in each task also apply to a Company Profile and Project Profile.

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