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Locating an Additional Form

The additional forms that are available to capture supplemental information for a Contract, Company, or Project Profile are stored in the Additional Forms browse screen in the profile. The browse screen displays both optional and required forms, and also indicates whether or not a form has been captured, or added, to the profile. However, not all profiles display the same list of forms since additional forms are not only specific to a contract, company, or project, but they are also used as a security measure to grant or deny access to individual forms based on your user role.

1.  Open the Company, Contract, or Project Profile to view the additional forms that can be added to the profile.

2.  In the Links section of the screen, click the Additional Forms link.

   If a required form has not been captured (added), the Additional Forms browse screen automatically displays every time the profile is opened until the form is captured. A Missing Required Additional Forms heading appears at the top of the browse screen and the required form displays with a pink background.

3.  In the Additional Forms screen, locate a form by scrolling through the list, or clicking on the Form Name or Form Description header to change the sort order of the information.

  • To locate the additional forms that have already been added to the profile, change the sort order to descending in the Forms Captured column so that forms with a number greater than "0" display at the top of the list.  

A form that displays a "2" in the Forms Captured column indicates the form has been added to the profile twice.  The ability to capture the same type of data more than once is beneficial if you were tracking the progression of an event or occurrence for a Company, Contract, or Project Profile. 

4.  Click on an additional form record to display the browse screen for the form, which shows the number of times the form has been captured.

5.  Click on an additional form record to display the Profile for the form.