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Additional Form Profile

The Additional Form Profile contains the captured information for the additional form.  Since an additional form can be captured more than once, there may be several Additional Form Profiles for the same additional form.

Each additional form is unique since it is created by an Administrator who determines the name of the form and the fields to be included in the form.  The Additional Form Profile shown below is an example of a Profile for an additional form entitled Attorney and Attorney Fees.  Although other Additional Form Profiles will contain different fields and lists, the buttons in the toolbar are static, allowing you to edit, copy, and review a history of the changes made to the form. 

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the components are the same in the Additional Form Profile screen in a Company Profile and Project Profile.

Open a Contract Profile that contains a captured additional form.



Additional Forms link

Click to display the Additional Forms browse screen.

B Additional Form records Locate the additional form whose profile you want to view, and click on it to display its browse screen.


C Additional Form record Locate the occurrence of the additional form whose Profile you want to review, and click on it to select it.



Additional Form fields and lists

Review the Profile, including the information captured by the form.


Edit button

Click to edit the information in the fields and/or lists.

If the Profile displays only Save and Cancel buttons, it is a single-use form, which means it can be captured only once.


Copy button

Click to make a copy of the additional form with the captured information.


History button

Click to review a history of the changes that have been made to the additional form.
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