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Deleting a Message

You can delete an email message that is stored in the Messaging window of a Company, Contract, or Project Profile. If you delete a message that has threads (replies), both the original message and all threads will be deleted. Similarly, if you delete one of the threads, the original email message, as well as any other threads, will also be deleted.

  You can also delete a message from the Recent Messages portlet in your Dashboard by clicking on the message record, which will link you to the Messaging window in the corresponding Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

An email message is deleted from the Messaging window in a Contract Profile, Company Profile, or Project Profile.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to deleting a message in a Company Profile and Project Profile.



Messaging link

Click to display the Messaging window in the profile.



Message records

Locate the message you want to delete, and click on it to select it. The contents of the message display, along with a toolbar containing Reply, Reply All, and Delete buttons.

Note: The most recent messages are displayed at the top of the list, but you can expand the list of viewable messages by hovering over the bottom border of the list until the icon displays. Then, click on the icon and drag the border downward. Use the expand and collapse icons to display/hide threads for a message.


Delete button

Click to display a Delete Entire Thread confirmation message.

Important: Deleting an email message thread will delete the original message, as well as any other threads.


Yes option

Select to delete the email message, along with any threads (replies).

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