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Replying to a Message

You can reply to a message that was sent from a Company, Contract, or Project Profile, or sent using the Events, Tasks, Document Packages, and Scorecards features. You can also reply to a message directly from your personal email account since Novatus not only stores a copy of the original message in the Messaging window, but also sends a copy to the email address that you use to login to Novatus.

  You can also reply to a message from the Recent Messages Portlet in your Dashboard by clicking on the message record, which will link you to the Messaging window in the corresponding Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

An email message is replied to from the Messaging window in a Contract Profile, Company Profile, or Project Profile.

 Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to replying to a message in a Company Profile or Project Profile.


Messaging link

Click to display the Messaging window in the profile.


Message records

Locate the message you want to reply to, and click on it to select it. The contents of the message display, along with a toolbar containing Reply, Reply All, and Delete buttons.

Note: The most recent messages are displayed at the top of the list, but you can expand the list of viewable messages by hovering over the bottom border of the list until the icon displays. Click on the icon and drag the border downward. Use the expand and collapse icons to display/hide threads for a message.


Reply button

If you want to reply to just the sender of the email message, click to refresh the window and auto-populate the To and From fields.


Reply All button

If you want to reply to the sender and all the people copied on the message, click to refresh the window and auto-populate the To, From, and CC fields.


Message To field

This field is auto-populated if you select the Reply button or the Reply All button.


Message CC field

This field is auto-populated with all the people who were copied on the original message if you select the Reply All button, but contains only your email address if you select the Reply button. To copy additional recipients on the email message, click on the list arrow to display the Address Book, and select all the people, and any distribution lists, you want to receive a copy of your reply to the message. When a distribution list is selected, the names of the people on the list display.

Note: You can also click in the field and type the first few characters of an email address directly into the field to display a drop-down list with possible matches. Click on the correct system-suggested email address to select it and populate the field.


Subject field

This field is auto-populated with the subject of the original message, but it can be edited.


Email Body text box

Enter your message in the text box.


Formatting Toolbar

Use the formatting options to enhance the text in your message.

Note: You can change the font size and color of the text in your message, bold and italicize text, change the background color and align text (right, left, center, and justify), and add numbers and bullets to create lists. The Formats button displays four menus containing formatting options for Headings (to add different levels of headings), Inline (to enhance text by using underlining, subscripts, superscripts, and strikethrough features), Blocks (to indent paragraphs of text), and Alignment (to change text alignment).


Attach Document button

Click if you want to attach a document to the email message. An Attach Document window displays.

If you do not want to attach a document, proceed to Step N.

Note: Any document that you want to attach must already be uploaded to Novatus.


Document record

Locate the document you want to attach to the email message, and click on it to select it.

Note: If the document you need is not listed, click on the Global Documents tab to view a list of other documents that can be added as an attachment to your email message. If you are sending a message from a Contract Profile, click on the Company Documents tab to view a list of documents uploaded to the Company Profile.


Attach Selected Document button

Click to attach the document to the email message, and close the window.


Attachments field

Verify that the documents(s) you selected in the Attach Document window have been attached to your email message. Use the Remove link to remove an attached document.


Send button

Click to reply to the email message.