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Copying an Additional Form

You have the option of copying an existing additional form, instead of adding a new form to the profile, when the form you are adding contains information that is similar to an existing form. Once you copy the form, you can edit the new form, as needed, before saving it.

An additional form is copied from the Additional Forms browse screen in a Contract Profile, Company Profile, and Project Profile.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to copying an additional form in a Company Profile and Project Profile.



Additional Forms link

Click to display the Additional Forms browse screen.


Additional Form records

Locate the additional form you want to copy, and click on it to display the form's browse screen.

Note: An additional form can only be copied if the form has been captured at least once (i.e., there is a value other than "0" in the Forms Captured column).



[Form Name] record

Locate the form you want to copy, and click on it to display its Additional Form Profile.



Copy button

Click to display the Additional Form Profile in edit mode so you can update the information.



Profile fields and lists

Update the information in the fields and lists, as needed.


Save button

Click to save your changes and make a copy of the additional form. The browse screen for the additional form displays.



Additional Form records

Verify that your revised copy of the additional form has been added to the browse screen.